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Spotted Seal

Scientific name: Phoca largha
Other Common Name(s): Larga Seal
Body Length: 1.5-1.7 m
Body Weight: 65-115 kg
Distribution: Inshore regions of North Pacific and the Arctic Ocean
Fun Facts
  • Spotted seals are born with a white, fluffy coat of fur. This is shed after two to four weeks for a silvery-grey coat with dark spots.
  • They congregate on the shore or on the ice, which makes smell an important sense for spotted seals to maintain relationships among individuals, especially between mating pairs and between mothers and their offspring.

Threats and Conservation
  • IUCN Red List: Data Deficient
  • Chinese Wildlife Conservation Law: Category 2

Commercial fisheries threaten spotted seals by reducing the availability of their food and entangling them in fishing gear. The hunt for fossil fuels under the ocean has also disturbed and destroyed their habitats. Finally, climate change continues to alter the spread of sea ice, reducing its coverage, space and stability. This further disrupts the marine food web, and thus, the abundance of prey for spotted seals.

What you can do to protect them

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