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    You Know What

    Know your limits -- don't ride if you're feeling unwell! Keep your arms, hands, legs and feet inside the ride at all times. And never force anyone, especially kids, to ride with you if they don't want to!

    Our Earth Say

    Rainforests 5,000 feet above sea level are called cloud forests. The average tree grows up to around 20m high, producing 600,000 leaves. A treetop with a diameter of 12 m will produce about 400 litres of evaporated water a day!

    Attractions & Shows

    Cable Car


    Waterfront Cable Car Station | The Waterfront
    Opening Time:

    Park opening to closing

    - Mascot Meet and Greet

    Cable Car

    Cable Car is a great way to travel between the Waterfront and Summit. With Ocean Park attractions located on two different sides of a mountain and wide swaths of sea in between, riding the Cable Car provides unprecedented views of the surrounding area, the sea, and the entire park. Plan which attraction you'd like to visit next while taking in the panoramic scenery below – the gorgeous vista all around you is also a wonderful opportunity to take some memorable snapshots with your family and friends!

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