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    You Know What

    Just like the Ferris Wheel, tornadoes also spin around, only at speeds of between 65 km/h to 180 km/h! They may rotate in any direction, but are generally known to travel from southwest to northwest.

    Our Earth Say

    Did you know 27% of China comprises of desert? Extensive deforestation and overgrazing are helping make this desert grow at a rate of 2,500 sq km a year. Left unchecked, Beijing could be covered in sand within a few years!

    Attractions & Shows

    Ferris Wheel


    Marine World | Summit
    Opening Time:

    Park opening to closing

    Wheel diameter: 24m
    Height: 27m
    Revolution: 1.4 – 1.8 rotation per min.
    Rides' Requirement:

    Height: 152cm (60")
    Weight: N/A
    Age: N/A
    Below 152cm (60") must be accompanied by a person who has attained the age of 15 and is of 152cm or above in height.

    Ferris Wheel

    Board the gondolas for spectacular views of Ocean Park and the South China Sea on this all time family favourite. This 24 metre Ferris Wheel offers numerous opportunities for snapshots with friends and family against stunning panoramic scenery. Bring your loved one for a romantic rendezvous high in the air! Take your kids to see the sea – as they've never seen it before! Old or young, the thrill of being above ground will delight even the most jaded carnival fan.

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    Candy Shop
    Food & Drink
    Café Ocean
    Ice Cream Delight
    Pizza Place
    Golden Fried Chicken
    McDonald's Restaurant

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