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    You Know What

    In an ideal vacuum, light travels at the speed of 299,792,458 metres per second. This is roughly a million times faster than sound, or the equivalent of circling the Earth more than 7 times in one second.

    Our Earth Say

    Lamma Winds, Hong Kong's first commercial wind power station, opened in February 2006. It generates about 800 kW of electricity for Hong Kong Island and Lamma Island by harnessing the power of the wind – a renewable energy resource.

    Attractions & Shows

    The Flash


    Thrill Mountain | Summit
    Opening Time:

    Park opening to closing
    Rides' Requirement:

    137cm (54") and below 195 cm (77")
    Weight: N/A
    Age: 12 or above
    Remarks: N/A

    The Flash

    Come take a spin, alone or with some brave friends, and get ready for the whirl of your life! Rising over 22 m high and shining like a comet, the Flash will whiz you around so fast, you are sure to see stars! This diabolical ride is capable of turning you around 360 degrees, at the dizzying top speed of 60 km/h! Combining the power to swing you full circle with a massive force of 3.9G while rotating you mercilessly in your seat, the Flash is guaranteed to push your body to its limit! Max yourself out on screaming, laughing and watching the world go by – if you’re not too busy clinging for dear life! The Flash will prove your bravery to anyone!

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    Drop Shop
    Food & Drink
    Tuxedos Restaurant
    Refill Station
    Clown's Corner
    Ocean Park Academy

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