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    You Know What

    Ancient whales once walked the Earth! 47.5 million years ago, ancient whales hunted in the ocean and rested on the shore with the aid of four flipper-like legs.

    Our Earth Say

    Although widespread whale hunting was officially banned 30 years ago, some populations of whales still remain very small. Blue whales take such a long time to grow and reproduce, scientists fear their populations may not recover at all.

    Attractions & Shows

    Hair Raiser


    Thrill Mountain | Summit
    Opening Time:

    Park opening to closing
    Rides' Requirement:

    Height: 140cm (55")
    Weight: N/A
    Age: N/A
    Remarks: N/A

    Hair Raiser

    Hurtle, plunge and loop around with your legs in the air at a massive 4G, all the while suspended high above the South China Sea. The Hair Raiser is literally floorless, resulting in a faster, wilder and more exciting ride than ever before!

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    Drop Shop
    Food & Drink
    Tuxedos Restaurant
    Refill Station
    Clown's Corner
    Ocean Park Academy

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