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    You Know What

    Walking up a stairway uses about 1,300 joules per second. That's nearly the same amount of energy it would take to power 13 normal household light bulbs!

    Our Earth Say

    Saving the energy we use at home not only reduces electricity bills, but also reduces the strain we put on the Earth's resources to power up. Always turn off lights and appliances when you're not using them!

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    Adventure Land / Marine World | Summit
    Opening Time:

    Park opening to closing


    Step on up for a ride on the second longest outdoor escalator in the world! This incredible feature stretches over 225 m, from the Marine World down to the Adventure Land! Don't worry about the weather either! Rain or shine, the escalator (and you) is protected from the elements by a clear tunnel, offering spectacular views of the surrounding park throughout your journey!

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    Ocean Paradise
    Pacific Chandlers
    Food & Drink
    Raging River Fast Food
    Mine Train Hot Dog
    Raging River Squid
    Dolphin Encounter

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