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    You Know What

    The Giant Panda is one of the world's rarest and most well-loved animals. Today, there are an estimated 1,000 – 3,000 giant pandas left in the wild. Continued habitat loss coupled with a low birth rate means this endangered species requires all the help it can get to survive.

    Our Earth Say

    The Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong is a charitable organisation which works to conserve Asian wildlife and biodiversity. When you participate in events like Ocean Park's Conservation Day, you are helping raise awareness about animals at risk.

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    Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures


    Amazing Asian Animals | The Waterfront
    Opening Time:

    Park opening to closing

    - Animal Fun Talk

    Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures

    You may know Sun Wukong the Monkey King from the legendary masterpiece of Chinese literature Journey to the West – now meet his golden monkey cousins! Ocean Park is proud to introduce two of these extraordinary stars from Sichuan, female young monkeys Le Le and Hu Hu, the new permanent neighbours of the Park's treasured giant pandas An An and Jia Jia. With their cute blue faces and orange fur, how can you resist these precious endangered monkeys? See their new face at Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures, renovated from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat, and don't miss their daily feeding demonstrations!

    Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong
    Beginning 1 January 2006, Ocean Park raises its conservation commitment further by donating part of the admission revnue to the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong to support its research projects and public awareness programmes for wildlife conservation in Asia.

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