Ocean Park Project-Based Learning (Primary 4-6)

Deepens students’ love of nature through field studies

Ocean Park Academy combines the conservation of animals and Project-Based Learning. By giving guidance and support, we work together with schools in guiding students to work through a project in which their interests lie, so as to generate their enthusiasm for conservation. The programme includes in-school workshops conducted by our educators or school teachers (according to the school’s wishes), a field study at Ocean Park for data collection, and the preparation of the presentation of their findings.

    1. Workshop at school

    • ​Topic and guiding questions
    • Data collection methods and research tools
    • Report preparation

    2. Field study at Ocean Park: (2.5-hour paid activity)

    • Observation / questionnaire survey / interview

    3. Presentation and evaluation at school

    The application deadline for this programme is 21 August 2017.

      Programme Feeˇ Stay-behind Surcharge
    Student (Per person) HK$70 HK$30
    Teacher (Per person) HK$100 HK$125

    ˇ Includes 2.5-hour field study

    * There will be no free stay after the programme.

    Ocean Park issues 1 complimentary teacher's ticket for every 10 student tickets purchased per group, so they can accompany students to the classroom session. An extra programme fee applies for any additional teacher to enter the Park. Students cannot use the complimentary teacher tickets, and vice versa. All participants are expected to leave Ocean Park after the education programme. Participants who would like to remain at the Park and enjoy its facilities after the programme must apply in advance and pay a stay-behind surcharge.

    The programme fees are valid until 31 August 2018.

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