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Giant Panda Adventure Temporarily Closed for Giant Panda Breeding Season


Ocean Park Continues to Provide Exceptional Care for Animals with Accreditation from Association of Zoos & Aquariums Achieved for the Fourth Consecutive Term

Ocean Park is pleased to announce that female giant panda Ying Ying and male giant panda Le Le, both 12 years old, are confirmed to be entering this year's breeding season. Starting from today, the Giant Panda Adventure at the Park will be temporarily closed to the public to facilitate a controlled environment for any mating attempts between the pair.
Suzanne Gendron, Executive Director of Zoological Operations and Conservation of Ocean Park, said, "Over the past few weeks, Ying Ying has displayed oestrous behaviours such as water play and self-stimulation, while Le Le has shown increased interest in sniffing Ying Ying's scent and leaving scent markings around his habitat. These tie in with typical oestrous cycles for giant pandas which generally occur once a year between March and May. Along with changes in their hormonal levels, it is confirmed that both giant pandas are entering this year's breeding season."
Gendron added, "This year, we are pleased to have Ms. Zhou Ying Min, an expert in giant panda breeding and research from the China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda in Wolong, Sichuan, join our animal care and veterinary team at the Park for the preparation of this year's breeding season. With her expertise in the field, we are hopeful for success in breeding our giant pandas, and will continue to update the public on the latest developments of Ying Ying and Le Le as information becomes available.”
As a testimony to Ocean Park's exemplary efforts in caring for animal ambassadors, like the giant panda and a variety of other species, the Park has been accredited by the widely recognised accreditation from the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) for the fourth consecutive five-year accreditation term in a row.
Matthias Li, Chief Executive of Ocean Park, said, "We are proud to be the first facility outside of the United States to be accredited by AZA, and the only facility to be ever accredited for four consecutive terms outside of the United States. We will continue to stay devoted to providing world-class animal care, and spearhead activities that promote conservation and education."
AZA requires zoos and aquariums to successfully complete a rigorous accreditation process every five years in order to remain as members of the Association. This year's assessment included a thorough review by AZA's independent Accreditation Commission, along with a meticulous on-site inspection by a team of experienced zoo and aquarium professionals. During the assessment period, the Park underwent a comprehensive review in areas including animal care, veterinary programmes, conservation, education and safety.
AZA's inspectors were very positive towards the Park's standards and procedures in animal care and overall operations. Highlights from the assessment include the exemplary level of care provided by the Park's animal care and veterinary team, and conservation messaging being a key element in all exhibits. Additionally, live demonstrations and graphical presentations around the Park were found to encourage guests to initiate behaviours and actions that will not only help improve natural habitats but also help conserve animal species.