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Ocean Park and new attraction “Adventures in Australia” presented by ANZ Switch lights Off for 60 Minutes In Support of Earth Hour


Ocean Park supports Earth Hour for the 7th consecutive year, a world-wide campaign organised by WWF (World Wildlife Fund), by switching off all non-essential lights tomorrow for 60 minutes from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Most of the lighting in guest areas and attractions within the Park, along with lighting in office and back-of-house facilities, will be switched off during the 60 minutes. The Park’s latest attraction, "Adventures in Australia" presented by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ), also takes part in this meaningful campaign by having most of its non-essential lighting switched off. Consistent with its LOHAS (Lifestyles of health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable living and social justice) message, the attraction design also embraces a variety of sustainable features to reduce energy consumption, including the use of a transparent rooftop which allows natural skylight to penetrate through, reducing the need for artificial lighting and further reduces electricity usage.

Ocean Park Chief Executive, Tom Mehrmann, said, "Through participating in this simple yet meaningful campaign, we hope to deliver an important message to our visitors and the public that Ocean Park, being Hong Kong People’s Park, is committed to promoting conservation and will be an environmentally-friendly and responsible corporate citizen. Our new attraction "Adventures in Australia" presented by ANZ incorporates different green features to demonstrate the Park’s commitment to environmental protection, such as the extensive use of recycled timber, eco- friendly materials, life supporting systems and designs. Next time you visit our southern koalas, red-necked wallabies and laughing kookaburras, please do not forget to appreciate their green home; it may inspire you to contribute to the sustainable future of the planet by practising LOHAS!"

To garner greater public awareness and support towards Earth Hour, Ocean Park will feature Earth Hour posters and TV commercials at selected in-park attractions and facilities, and will also promote the Earth Hour initiative on the Park’s Facebook page, shows and tip board tomorrow. Whiskers has also set a great example by turning off the giant light switch, and encourages everyone to participate in this year’s Earth Hour on 28 March by switching off their lights from 8:30pm to 9:30pm to help reduce carbon emissions together.