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Ocean Park’s Cable Car Suspended Temporarily Tonight


(10 November 2012 - Hong Kong News) At 7:45pm on 10 November 2012, one of the two ropeways in Ocean Park's Cable Car system was suspended temporarily, upon activation of a safety mechanism. Ocean Park's staff immediately performed inspection of the Cable Car system and found that one of the Cable Car cabins, which was entering the Summit Station at that time, did not release the grip from the cable as it normally does. Hence, the cable car system stopped automatically as intended in its design as a safety precaution.

Following the inspection, the concerned cabin was released manually and isolated from the system by the Park's operators. At 8:12pm, the ropeway resumed and guests on that ropeway started exiting the cabins through the Summit and Waterfront station. By 8:27pm, all 95 guests on the ropeway safely exited the ride without any discomfort or injury. During this period, the other ropeway and the Ocean Express funicular trains continued to operate and serve the guests of the park.

Ocean Park had informed EMSD of the incident immediately. The Park will carry out a thorough examination of the cable car system before resuming operation of the ropeway.