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Ocean Park Halloween Bash Presents Hauntingly Hip Halloween First-ever “Halloween Bash Lite” Tickets to Offer Guests More Ways to Enjoy Frightful Fun Hip Halloween Master Wyman Wong to Launch First Halloween Fashion Collection


 (13 August 2012, Hong Kong) Being the first to introduce large-scale Halloween celebration into Asia, Ocean Park Halloween Bash has grown to become the hottest party destination for all ghosts and ghouls during the annual Halloween period. Now in its 12th year,  Ocean Park Halloween Bash will transform the Park into a giant catwalk runway where the bold and the beautiful will brave their way through 23 frightfully fun experiences, including 8 haunted houses, 14 street shows and 1 daytime kids activity zone, as well as 500 chic and creepy ghosts at 24 event nights from 21 September to 31 October. To cater to the needs of different Halloween fans, Ocean Park has introduced new types of night tickets, including the first-ever Halloween Bash Lite tickets*, available at 35% off regular night tickets, for guests who wish to immerse themselves in the Park’s frightful ambience without entering the haunted houses. There is also a ”Give a Treat” promotion that allows SmartFun Annual Pass holders to purchase up to 4 Halloween night tickets at 20% discount. University students will also receive 15-20% off Halloween night tickets during the month of October.

At today’s Hip Halloween Preview, Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park, played the role of Frightful Halloween Emperor to reveal details of this year’s event for the first time. He said, “Ocean Park has managed to set Halloween celebration trends through the past 11 years. Taking frightful fun to new scary heights this year with a Hauntingly Hip Halloween, we have created 23 frightfully fun experiences to present Asia’s largest Halloween party. ”

Dr. Zeman added, “We have noticed over the years that many of our guests love taking photos with the performers and experiencing the trend-setting atmosphere of Ocean Park’s Halloween Bash.  That’s why we decided to turn Halloween Bash into hip central and invited fashionista Wyman Wong to join us in creating the “IN an EERIE Collection” of freaky fashion pieces. With our ghosts roaming the Park dressed in these hip costumes, Ocean Park is set to take frightful fun to a new level.”

At today’s Hip Halloween Preview, Wyman played the Hip Halloween Master to present the “IN an EERIE Collection”, for which he served as image consultant. He said, “Ocean Park is the Halloween capital much like the way Milan and Paris are fashion capitals. The collection aims to present different horrifying looks and styles, like what one would look if struck by lightning, or being frozen, or being attacked by bugs, in a frightening yet visually exhilarating manner. I am honoured to be the first local fashionista to collaborate with Ocean Park.”

At the Waterfront, guests of this year’s Halloween Bash will have a chance to experience a walk-through 5D Journey to the Underworld, a haunted house that combines locally developed CAVE 0.5 3D projection system with scents and tactile structures to offer a “5D” haunted journey through eighteen levels of the world beyond. Guests will witness a variety of maddening torments, including burning baths and mythical tortures. Singles among Halloween fans would not want to miss BLUE GIRL presents Chinese Wedding of the Departed, where the ultimate escape is to pass through separate passageways for guys and gals.

With a long history of international recognition, Hong Kong cinema has produced many great horror movies. Guests visiting Silver Screams at Old Hong Kong can revisit classic movie scenes in black and white, and explore movie sets based on real historic Hong Kong for frighteningly familiar chills. Terror of the Tombs, on the other hand, features high-tech kinetic games that make it a real challenge for guests to get out with their sanity intact.

Pop queens and kings from the underworld will stage the craziest countdown concert in Rock the Hell Out Live 2012 and save everyone from the fear by an insane live band and dance flash mob. Afterlife Fashion Extravaganza, a catwalk show featuring “IN an EERIE Collection” developed by Wyman Wong, the Hip Halloween Master, will present the concept of “Beauty after Life”. At Doomsday Fever, the Doomsday followers have hidden themselves among the revellers, compelling guests to sing and dance. Other must-see attractions include: The Ghost’s Got Talent, a Halloween talent competition; Chinese Vampire Clubbing, a vampire dance party; 666 Calling, an exploration of the world of mummies; Midnight MV, a creepy music show; and Vengeance Bites, a mesmerizing vampire musical performance.

At the Summit, guests can join the pre-apocalyptic countdown party with chic and creepy ghosts at Eternal Darkness. Ahead of this year’s LegCo Elections, Ocean Park held a referendum for the public to vote on their favourite local haunted sites. The top ten locations will be presented at Ghostly Legends of Hong Kong. Visitors to Escape from Mystery Mountain will turn into a group of explorers trying to escape the fate of being captured for sacrifice. They will encounter otherworldly sights among the trees, including a frightening beast of legend, as they make their way out of the mountain. An evil magician will also be lurking in the Magician’s Lair, eagerly waiting to use visitors in his diabolical experiments.

While the witch’s cauldron is brewing up some fiery spells at The Eternal Flame, demon worshippers are hunting for the souls of the young in pursuit of immortality at A Drink to Forever.  Also featured in the Hauntingly Hip Halloween are: Soul2soul, which takes guests into the farthest reaches of the soul in a riveting show with pulsating electronic music; Museum of the Undying, which showcases statues of the un-dead partying in discos of the 1970s; The Red Room, a creepy talk show peppered with scenes from haunted Hong Kong and local comedy; and Evil Assembly, the arena of hip hop face-offs.

Dr. Zeman concluded, “As this is the first Halloween Bash with all the rides in Thrill Mountain and attractions in Old Hong Kong and Polar Adventure open, guests of Hauntingly Hip Halloween will have a unique opportunity to experience these world-class attractions in the night time. Therefore, I encourage everyone to be a Hip Halloween Spirit by booking tickets now and planning their own ghoulish outfits.”

# Please refer to the attached fact sheet for details about the haunted attractions and ticketing offers.

*10% of Halloween Bash night tickets will be sold as Halloween Bash Lite tickets.