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Preparations for Ocean Park Reopening in Full Swing


Strict precautionary measures to ensure health and safety of visitors, staff and animals

Ocean Park has been temporarily closed since late January as a precaution against the spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). In light of the recent signs of epidemic stabilisation in Hong Kong, the Park is carefully evaluating its operation resumption schedule with safety and health considerations as the top priority, while aligning with Government guidelines and advice from the Government's expert consultant team on conditions for resuming usual social and entertainment activities. 
As the Park looks to welcome visitors when it is safe to open again, robust preparations for the Park's reopening have been underway. A series of strict precautionary measures will be put in place to safeguard the health and safety of visitors, staff and animals after the Park reopens. In addition, the Park plans to launch an array of exclusive offers for Hong Kong residents and brand new experiences with its reopening. Details will be announced in due course.
“In an unprecedented move, Ocean Park has remained closed for three months since 26 January due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Consequently, the Park had to honour a high volume of cancellations across all business streams, reversing confirmed revenues while new business came to a standstill. The financial impact is significant and far-reaching, crunching the Park's financial situation to an all-time low,” said Matthias Li, Chief Executive of Ocean Park.
“Although the local epidemic has shown signs of stabilising, the global situation is yet to be under control with the possibility of a second outbreak. Both individuals and corporations are highly prudent when it comes to consumption and spending. This in turn puts the Park in an extremely challenging operating environment. The Park will focus on local visitors in the short run, launch an array of special offers upon reopening, and work with the Tourism Board on further promotional activities.
“Despite the huge financial difficulties brought by COVID-19, Ocean Park has been actively preparing for its reopening with the health of its visitors, staff and animal ambassadors as the foremost priority. We are making all necessary operational adjustments, focusing on facility cleaning and disinfection, social distancing arrangements and adaptation of activity formats in particular, to ensure the Park will reopen in the best and safest condition possible to give visitors peace of mind,”said Li.
“As one of Hong Kong's most well-loved leisure and tourist attractions, the Park hopes to contribute to Hong Kong people's well-being and the recovery of the tourism industry to the best of its ability. The Park's staff team has embraced these challenging times with positivity. Together with everyone at Ocean Park, I hope the Park could receive the much needed support from the public and the Government to get through this incredibly difficult circumstance,”continued Li.

 Anti-Epidemic Measures During the Initial Phase of Reopening

General Anti-Epidemic Measures at the Park
  • The Park's opening hours will run from 10am to 6pm. As a crowd control measure, visitors are required to make advance reservations online and present booking codes for admission to the Park. Park-wide capacity and that of individual rides and facilities will both be reduced by more than half. Alternative row blocking at all theatres will be enforced.
  • The number of attractions available for free reservation through the “eScheduler” function of the Park's mobile app will be increased to six during the initial reopening period to cut down waiting time and number of visitors in the queue.
  • All visitors and staff are required to undergo body temperature checks upon entry. The Park's first-aiders will provide further assistance to those with body temperature readings of 38°C or above. Such includes calling for an ambulance for visitors where needed.
  • All staff members are required to wear masks at the Park. Visitors are also required to wear masks at the Park's entrances, attractions, rides, retail shops and indoor facilities. Masks will be available for purchase at designated locations. All proceeds after costs will go to Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong.
  • Additional hand sanitiser dispensers have been installed at entrances and/or exits of most attractions and facilities for visitors' use.
  • Floor stickers are placed in waiting areas to separate visitor groups and help keep a safe social distance.
Cleaning and Disinfection of Park Facilities
  • Regular spraying of a nano-photocatalytic coat or disinfection of main facilities every one to two hours. (ATP bioluminescence tests conducted by the Park on relevant facilities confirmed the nano-photocatalytic coating could effectively reduce bacteria by up to 98% for a prolonged duration).
  • All air filtration systems in the Park are sprayed with GERMAGIC Thyme disinfectant developed by a Hong Kong University of Science and Technology team, which can kill 99% of viruses and bacteria for a prolonged period of time and reduce the chance of airborne spread.
  • The cleaning team performs nightly deep cleaning across the Park with high-pressure jets.
In-Park Restaurant Arrangements
  • Tables in all Park restaurants will be kept at a distance of 1.5m apart with no more than eight people seated together at one table. (The arrangement will be adjusted in accordance with updates of the Government's Prevention and Control of Disease [Prohibition on Group Gathering] Regulation).
  • All F&B facilities will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after daily operation. Tableware will not be set in advance but presented along with alcohol wipes upon food orders.
  • All menus will be cleaned and disinfected before business and after each use.
  • All F&B staff will wear masks and gloves for food handling. Dishes will be covered when delivered from kitchen to table to minimise air exposure.
Animal Care Procedures and Animal Exhibit Arrangements
  • Disinfection carpets and hand sanitiser dispensers are installed at entrances of all animal exhibits.
  • Visitors must wear masks during their visit. The Park will arrange for staff at each animal exhibit to ensure all visitors comply.
  • All Get Closer to the Animals programmes will be temporarily suspended.
  • Ongoing animal health checks, observation and health index measurements will be performed.