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Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Student Activity - Butterfly Friendly Garden

Golden birdwing is the largest among the 250 species of butterflies in Hong Kong. It looks like a small bird with black and yellow accented wings. Their eye-catching appearance has made them vulnerable to poaching. Therefore, golden birdwing and other common birdwings are protected by international treaty and laws of Hong Kong. The capturing, trading, importing and exporting of specimens are prohibited. The host plant of its larvae, India birthwort, is also protected under Forestry Regulations to ensure the sustainability of golden birdwing. Similar to many butterflies, the distribution of golden birdwing is highly restricted by the distribution of plants. However, it can still be found in urban parks with lots of nectar plants.

Visit Golden Birdwing webpage to learn more

This activity allows students to participate in butterfly conservation seminars, nectar plant planting workshops, Hong Kong butterfly eco-tours and planting nectar plants in school to enhance its greening and biodiversity. Throughout the activity, students need to observe and record the growth of plants continuously and share interesting findings with their fellow students in school, encouraging others to pay more attention to the flora and fauna around them. Finally, students will be invited to share their experience of building a butterfly-friendly environment, and jointly build Ocean Park's butterfly garden.

  • Experience nectar plant planting and record plant growth
  • Record plant growth scientifically and learn about butterfly's behaviours
  • Build Ocean Park's butterfly garden together


Date Activity
7 November 2020 Butterfly Conservation Seminar
20 December 2020 Planting Workshop
December 2020 - March 2021 On-campus Planting, Regular Report on Plant Growth & Observation Record
April 2021 Planting the nectar plants they have grown in Ocean Park and joining eco-tour in Ocean Park butterfly garden