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Ocean Park Welcomes the Government’s Invigorating Island South Initiatve


Ocean Park welcomes the Government’s Invigorating Island South initiative. With Ocean Park’s rebirth plan as one of the key projects, and Southern District’s unique natural landscape, eco-tourism, historical and cultural resources as our backdrop, we believe the initiative will amplify the Park’s s set toackbonemes Invigorating Island Southpotential along with other attractions and facilities in the area, creating synergy to bring an all-new Southern District to the locals.
In addition, Ocean Park would like to express its heartfelt appreciation to the owner of the Jumbo Floating Restaurant for donating the restaurant to the Park at no cost. As a non-profit organisation and a key stakeholder for tourism for the Southern District, the Park is honoured to have the opportunity to play an enabling role in the revitalisation of this local landmark with historical significance, and collaborating with other NGOs in the process.
Further discussions will be held by the Government and relevant entities to determine specific details like the development positioning, operating model or whether the existing legal framework might need to be altered. Meanwhile, the Park will gather public views and stakeholder feedback on the revitalisation project for the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. Information will be shared in due course.
Ocean Park strongly supports the Government’s plan to explore new water tourism routes with the Park as a base to link up other districts and islands. Together with Water World, set to open next summer, the Park’s strength in education, conservation and entertainment, we are well positioned to bring extraordinary and creative experiences to locals and in-bound visitors alike.