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Ocean Park Climbs to 11th in Ranking among Theme Parks Worldwide according to TEA/AECOM Global Attractions Attendance Report 2011


(4 Jun 2012 - Hong Kong) According to the Global Attractions Attendance Report 2011 released by TEA (Themed Entertainment Association) and consultancy firm AECOM Economics, Ocean Park Hong Kong was ranked as the world’s number 12 theme park, up 4 places from the previous year. The ranking is based on guest attendance in the calendar year of 2011, which stood at 6,955,000 for Ocean Park. The Park also consolidated its leadership position in Asia by ranking 5th in the continent and continues to be the top player in the Greater China region.

According to the TEA/AECOM* report, theme parks in Asia have welcomed over 100 million guests in total in 2011, representing a new record with the top theme parks all performing well. In particular, Ocean Park was highlighted as an example of a theme park making great strides last year. The report stated that “Ocean Park added several new “lands” and over a dozen attractions, including a major aquarium themed zone, Aqua City, mountain top thrill rides and Rainforest Adventure…… Ocean Park’s expansion included a lot of retail, food and beverage, driving up per caps. In their new aquarium, Ocean Park added a high end restaurant that is very different from its other food and beverage product offerings”. The report also added that a number of Chinese theme parks have recorded strong growth, led by Ocean Park whose redevelopment drove a 28.7% increase in attendance compared with the previous calendar year.

Ocean Park Chief Executive, Tom Mehrmann, said, “The rise in ranking is a wonderful testimony to our transformation into a world-class marine-based theme park focusing on education, conservation and entertainment. We would like to sincerely thank our dedicated staff, loyal guests and engaged business partners for the great support in achieving the record setting performances throughout the years. Our exceptional attendance last year was spearheaded by the opening of new themed areas and attractions, such as: the flagship Aqua City, Rainforest and Thrill Mountain areas, as the report pointed out, leading to multiple months with record-breaking attendance in 2011. With the imminent opening of the Polar Adventure attraction area in July, we are very positive that the Park will continue to draw in the visitors in 2012. The differential qualities of Ocean Park, paired with the aspects of culturally relevant offerings for the markets we serve, have allowed Ocean Park to be a premier destination within Hong Kong, as well as the greater China region, for which we are proud and grateful.”
As a testament to Ocean Park’s continued success in park management, business accomplishments and attendance generation, Ocean Park has recently been shortlisted as one of three finalists for the world famous “Applause Award”, the highest level of international recognition presented by Liseberg Amusement Park in Sweden, which is analogous to the Oscars for Cinematography, within the Theme Park Industry. The Park has also been chosen by FoxNews.com as one of the world’s top five most popular theme parks.

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Photo: Attendance figures for Top 25 amusement/theme parks worldwide in 2011
Photo: Attendance figures for Top 25 amusement/theme parks worldwide in 2011