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Ocean Park’s Newest Babies Make Debut on Facebook


Join us to Witness the Growth Diary of the Adorable Baby Animal Ambassadors

Ocean Park invites Hong Kong citizens to share the joy in welcoming heart-melting otter pups and gentoo penguin chicks who have recently joined our big family! Even though visitors are not able to meet the babies in person due to the temporary closure, the Park has launched a series of growth diaries for the new animal ambassadors on social media platforms to keep their fans virtually updated with every precious moment as the babies grow.
The otter family surprised the Park’s animal team earlier in August with the birth of six otter pups, doubling the original family size to 12 members. With the quality husbandry provided to the new-borns, the siblings are growing happily and getting along very well with their family. As they turned two months old, the energetic pups finally made their public appearance for the first time ever on Ocean Park Facebook and Instagram pages. Fans are now able to see how the pups are fed, swim as well as play together.
Equally exciting news comes from the Park’s South Pole Spectacular, where 11 gentoo penguins have hatched since late November. The breeding season of gentoo penguins will last until the end of February 2021 and the Park is hopeful that the family will grow further in the coming weeks! Meanwhile, the palm-sized chicks are currently under good care of their parents and animal caretakers, and are ready to meet the public on Facebook. Stay tuned as updates will come any time on the Park’s social media channels!

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