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Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong

Reopening of The Dragon


(Hong Kong, 19 October 2011) After thorough testing and passing of all safety checks, The Dragon has been reopened to the public this afternoon. Investigative results show that the suspension of the ride was caused by a faulty sensor. Working exactly as designed, the safety protection system of the ride stopped the train as a result the sensor fault to ensure the safety of the passengers. Passengers were systematically brought down from the train one by one, as regularly practised by the operating staff of the Park, to assure their safe descent and return to the ground.  We would like to apologize again for the inconvenience caused to our guests.

The recent ride incidents, while isolated and unrelated, are treated very seriously and are receiving the full attention of the entire Ocean Park team. About two weeks ago, we initiated an independent review of the specific rides to assess any concerns present, and to provide any suggested enhancements to the already tried and true operating and maintenance protocols. Our next step is to conduct a full review of all our rides with the respective manufacturers to ensure the continued safe operation of each attraction. In addition, we will re-assess all training and certification records of our staff for ride operation and ride maintenance. The frequency of maintenance schedules for all rides will be increased by 30–50%, while consumable mechanical components in all rides will also be replaced more often than required by manufacturers to enhance our robust existing practices.  We will continue to work closely with EMSD and to fulfill the statutory requirements to ensure everyone can enjoy a safe ride.

Regarding public notification, we will endeavor to issue media statements as soon as possible when qualifying incidents occur.  Our best efforts will be placed against fulfilling our communication commitment, but for the sake of accuracy and thorough assessment, we will exercise our utmost ability to finish the preliminary investigative work for a comprehensive, timely and accurate media statement.

Ocean Park would like to assure the public that we are fully confident of the safety of our rides and attractions. We are doing above and beyond what is required or recommended by local regulators and manufacturers, as our primary concern is the safety of our guests, and we will continue to take all actions necessary to ensure this primary concern is met.