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Ocean Park Presents Two Days of Local Artistry at Summertime SINGphony with Southern District Council to Showcase the Unique and Rich Culture of the Community


Ocean Park will premiere the Summertime SINGphony on 17 and 18 July 2021, an event organised with the full support of the Southern District Council and The Warehouse Teenage Club. For two days, visitors can immerse themselves in art and music themed around Hong Kong and the Southern District.
Visitors can also seize the chance to catch three iconic thrill rides at Ocean Park one last time before they retire and bid farewell to Hong Kong people by the end of this August.
Rising local music acts to headline at Ocean Park
Eight upcoming local bands will gather for the first time to take over Ocean Park and give their best on stage, including the poetic pop music duo per se and cinematic indie rock group Nowhere Boys. Visitors can chill out to their melodic and passionate tunes at Ocean Park’s Applause Pavilion where four acts will be featured each night from 7pm to 9:30pm.
Outside Applause Pavilion, the Summertime SINGphony will also bring together eight popular buskers to perform at the Lagoon Platform against the majestic Grand Aquarium backdrop, including Carrier led by the widely recognised social media persona and vocalist Lung Siu Kwan. Four groups of music performers will be featured each day from 4pm to 8:30pm.
Art displays and workshops to complement good music
An enjoyable weekend of musical indulgence will not be complete without some elements of art and culture. During the two-day event, curated artpieces from the Art in South initiative, themed around the unique culture and history of Hong Kong South, will be displayed at the Park’s Galaria and OPX.
Highlights include the iconic and historic Aberdeen Fire Dragon created by renowned fire dragon craftsman Master Ng Kong Nam; Shadow of Fishery, an art project by a group of aspiring students in the district who memorialised vanishing scenes of Hong Kong’s village culture in ceramic art; and Reminiscence in the South, a creative installation by tinnymatters that turned personal love stories from various generations in the Southern District into audio dramas. Other exhibits include a “worship” station named Into The Unknown and a large scale map of the Southern District that shows an overview of the signature places of the district. All display items will allow visitors to know more about the history, culture and interesting stories of Hong Kong South.
For the creative and handy ones, they can also get their hands on art craft workshops making scent sachet or colourful zentangle decoration to immerse themselves into the unique culture of the district. Three sessions of these workshops will be conducted daily at Aqua City Bakery on a first-come, first-served basis; each session will last for 45 minutes and accommodate a maximum of 12 visitors.
Experience icon rides one last time to reminisce about childhood memories
Three of Ocean Park’s most iconic rides including The Abyss, Raging River and what was once recognised as the world’s most scenic roller coaster, the Mine Train, will soon retire as they make way for other exciting experiences for the Park’s future development. The Abyss and Mine Train have been in service for as long as 20 years, whereas Raging River has operated for 37 years since 1984 and is one of the longest-serving rides of Ocean Park. Together, these rides have created countless fond memories for visitors while accompanying the growth of innumerable Hong Kong people.
The Abyss is currently operating and available to the public as usual, while Mine Train and Raging River will be available to visitors from 10 July with the reopening of Adventure Land where they are located. For those who want to try them again will have a chance till 31 August 2021.
Special packages for band-heads, lovers of art and thrill seekers
For local band supporters who are longing to enjoy the band show at Applause Pavilion as well as art lovers or thrill seekers who enjoy rides, the Summertime SINGphony Standard Package and Premium Package will be available for purchase from 8 July onwards. For the price of as low as one regular admission ticket at HK$498, visitors can gain one-day access not only to the Park, but also to this exclusive concert to watch the performance of four rising local bands in one night. What’s more, both packages also include a complimentary Summer Special Meal Set as well as an Ocean FasTrack which allows priority access to three out of a list of designated rides and attractions including the retiring rides mentioned above, while the Premium Package, priced at HK$618, come with an extra snack combo redeemable at Lakeside Yaki to satisfy visitors’ taste buds as they enjoy the busking performances outdoor. Besides, the Summertime SINGphony workshops are also exclusive for holders of these special packages.
To make this summer even more rewarding, every Summertime SINGphony package can be converted to SumFUN Entry Pass simply by paying an additional amount, i.e. HK$400 for adults and HK$245 for students, so visitors will be able to enjoy up to HK$180 of in-park spending discount and over 70 days of unlimited access to the Park till the end of this September.
Other performances and programmes of the Summertime SINGphony are free for the enjoyment of all visitors of the Park.