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Bonaqua® X Ocean Park Aqua City Jointly Introduce Special Bottled Water Promoting Ocean Conservation with Three Marine Stars


(Hong Kong – 1 June 2011) Ever since its opening, Ocean Park’s new marine-themed attraction zone Aqua City has attracted visitors from around the world.  Not only do guests get to witness the beauty of the ocean from multiple perspectives, but they also gain invaluable knowledge about marine life which echoes the Park’s commitment to providing unique edutainment experiences.  This summer, Aqua City collaborates with Bonaqua®, a local brand equally dedicated to promoting green, in launching “Bonaqua® X Ocean Park Aqua City Special Edition” bottled water.

5 million units of “Bonaqua® X Ocean Park Aqua City Special Edition” bottled water uniquely designed bottled water are now available for sale in Hong Kong and Macau. The best-selling bottled water brand, Bonaqua®, has launched a series of lightweight bottles last year. Apart from reducing the amount of materials used for production, the bottle also allows for easier recycling efforts. Bonaqua® gives Hong Kong consumers a chance to be environmentally friendly and act as good stewards of the environment while enjoying its water products.

There are three different designs of the conservation bottles, each one featuring a different Ocean Park marine star: the Manta Ray, the Napoleon Wrasse and the Bluefin Tuna.  By incorporating their conservation message into the label of the bottle design, Bonaqua and Ocean Park hope to encourage the general public to respect and conserve the ocean.  Customers can also learn little-known but interesting facts about these animals through the conservation messages printed on each bottle:

- The Manta Ray is the largest ray species in the world. Its pectoral fins have evolved into wide triangular wings that are fused to its head, giving it a broad blanket-like body as wide as 6 to 9 meters.
- Napoleon Wrasse: the enormous size of this specie’s adult fishes is made even more imposing by the prominent hump that develops on their forehead, from which they earned their common name, “Napoleon”. We should stop consuming this fish as its populations have declined to alarming levels.
- Due to overfishing, the population of Bluefin tuna worldwide has also declined dramatically.  In the Atlantic Ocean, the Bluefin tuna is at serious risk of extinction.

Besides, from June 3 to June 30 2011, customers who purchase “Bonaqua® X Ocean Park Aqua City Special Edition” bottled water in Wellcome Supermarket at HK$20 or above with single receipt and call 3619-3505# can join the lucky draw to win a pool of prize.

Grand Prize: Ocean Park 2D1N "Nighttime in the Ocean’s Depths" camping programme & day admission tickets for 4 adults
2nd Prize: Ocean Park Neptune's Restaurant cash prize & day admission tickets for 4 adults
3rd Prize: Ocean Park day admission tickets for 2 adults

Also, from June 3 to July 7 2011, customers who purchase any 2 bottles of the “Bonaqua® X Ocean Park Aqua City Special Edition” bottled water can have a maximum reduction of HK$120* for the Ocean Park day admission tickets^.

# The lucky draw is only valid in Hong Kong.
* Only available for purchase of 500mL, 770mL & 1.5L bottled water.
^ Reduction of HK$120 is based on the calculation of 4 Ocean Park daytime adult tickets, with each enjoy a reduction of HK$30, while each child ticket will enjoy a reduction of HK$15.The redemption period is from 3 Jun 2011 to 15 Jul 2011 and is only available in the Ocean Park Ticketing Office for immediate tickets. A maximum of 4 adult or child tickets could be purchased with one receipt.