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Board Member's Code of Conduct


Ocean Park Corporation ("OPC") is a statutory body incorporated under the Ocean Park Corporation Ordinance for the purpose of managing and controlling Ocean Park ("the Park") as a public recreational and educational park. The purposes of this Code of Conduct are to set out the expected standards of behaviour for the members of OPC's Board and sub-committees and to assure the public that these members always uphold the highest level of integrity and ethical standards in the delivery of services to the public. The Audit Committee will be responsible for ensuring compliance with this Code of Conduct. Those not in compliance can expect to be subject to disciplinary action.

As members of OPC's Board and sub-committees, we commit to complying with the following Code of Conduct at all times:

Acting in Good Faith

Act in good faith and in the interests of OPC, its guests and the community as a whole. We must never bring OPC's name into disrepute. 

Mutual Respect

Treat each other, our employees, guests and the wider community with respect. This means recognizing that other people may have a different point of view so that we speak and listen to each other with courtesy and adhere to the standards set out in this code.

Committed Participation

Act with integrity and due care in the performance of our duties and appropriately devote our time and skills in a responsible and professional manner. This means spending time visiting the Park and attending meetings regularly as well as giving committee papers due attention.

Accountability and Transparency

Assist OPC in developing trusting relationships with interested parties. We will deal fairly and also lawfully in compliance with applicable rules and regulations, and will oversee fair and proper dealings by our employees and officers through active monitoring, reporting procedures and efficient communication channels. 

Disclosure of Interest

Declare at any meeting any pecuniary or personal interest we may have in a particular item at all times in compliance with Section 10 of the Ocean Park Corporation Ordinance. We must not vote on any matter in which we have a pecuniary interest. The Chairman has a discretion to decide whether a member may speak on an item in which he or she has an interest.

Confidentiality and Media Relations

Maintain the confidentiality of information entrusted to us by the OPC and any other confidential information about the OPC that comes to us from whatever source, in our capacity as members of the Board or its sub-committees, except when disclosure is authorized or legally required. All such confidential information must be used for OPC's purposes only. The Board and its sub-committees as well as Management would have an agreed strategy for dealing with the media which would normally make it the responsibility of the Chairman, the Chief Executive or any other person designated by the Board or the Chief Executive to take a lead in communicating with journalists.


We may receive complaints from time to time from interested parties or members of the public. Where violations of this Code of Conduct have been identified then interested parties should be encouraged to report such violations to the Chairman of our Audit Committee.