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Ocean Park’s Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Baby Celebrates First Christmas


With Christmas just around the corner, Ocean Park's animal team has prepared a special festive treat for Lokie, the first-ever golden snub-nosed monkey born in Hong Kong, who is to spend his first Christmas at the Park with his parents.
Born on 17 April 2017, Lokie is the offspring of male golden monkey Qi Qi and female Le Le who arrived at Ocean Park from Chengdu Zoo in 2015 and 2012 respectively. Eight-month-old Lokie has turned from grey to light brown in colour, and his body weight has doubled from 1kg in June to 2kg in December. He is now able to mimic some of his parents' behaviour, such as self-grooming and sitting on a stand while having his weight measured. He has also begun to wean off breast feeding and is showing interest towards browse and vegetables such as carrot and sweet pepper. Curious and mischievous in character, young Lokie can be seen hanging onto branches and swinging around the habitat with his parents.   
Apart from joining in the celebration with the golden monkey family, guests can also get into the festive spirit by immersing themselves in all the amazing entertainment that Ocean Park Christmas Sensation has to offer! From now until 1 January 2018, Ocean Park Christmas Sensation is presenting Hong Kong's first ever virtual reality (VR) rollercoaster, Mine Train presented by Samsung Gear VR, and several exciting VR game zones. A local Christmas market, Ocean Park x Pinkoi Festive Marketplace, is also available to offer all kinds of accessories and homeware produced by local designers. Together with Santa's Cottage, Garden of Romance and parkwide festive decorations, guests can experience a complete, exciting and romantic Christmas in Ocean Park. For ten days from this Saturday (23 December) to 1 January 2018, the Park will offer free night-time admission to Waterfront Plaza and Lakeside Chill from 7p.m. to 11p.m., while guests can also indulge in the delicious feasts available at Neptune's Restaurant.