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Ocean Park Presents Newly Revamped Neptune’s Restaurant with Coral Theme


New Tasting Menu created by Michelin-starred Chef Chan Kwok-keung

Ocean Park has reopened its spectacular Neptune’s Restaurant with a new theme of coral conservation. The popular dining venue now features a brand-new interior design and menu that bring together the very best of nature and fine dining. Neptune’s Consultant Chef, Michelin-starred Chef Chan Kwok-keung, has put a new spin on sustainable seafood and thirst-quenching ingredients in an exquisite tasting menu that creatively blends the concepts and cooking techniques of Cantonese, Beijing, Sichuan and Huaiyang cuisines with the beauty of corals. Diners can not only savour exquisite Chinese cuisine, but also enjoy a unique “underwater” experience by dining in the company of over 400 spectacular marine species.

New interior design with marine-themed ambience
Corals are often referred to as “tropical rainforests of the sea” and plays a key role in balancing the underwater ecosystem. Neptune’s Restaurant particularly adopted the concept of coral conservation in its brand new interior design to help increase awareness of the importance of preserving this vital part of the marine ecosystem. Two VIP rooms in a private setting with added privacy are suitable for business guests. The all-new, exquisite decorations and spectacular sight of the aquarium’s giant viewing panel also make Neptune’s Restaurant a perfect venue for wedding banquet.

New Tasting Menu by Michelin-starred Consultant Chef Chan Kwok-keung
Inspired by the concept of coral, Chef Chan Kwok-keung has created a sumptuous new “Tasting Menu”, using sustainable seafood, such as lobster and abalone in accordance with the Park’s vision in ecological conservation and promotion of sustainable dining. Chef Chan also blends the techniques of Cantonese, Beijing, Sichuan and Huaiyang cuisines in six exquisite dishes, taking the flavours of sustainable seafood to new levels. In order to enhance the appeal, taste and fragrance of the dishes, the new menu features exquisite garnishes and astonishing carving, allowing guests to fully experience the superb signature dishes.

Perry Chung, Executive Director, Commercial Operations of Ocean Park says, “Following the successful launch of Ginger Grill, our authentic Thai restaurant, the revamp project of Neptune’s Restaurant attests to the Park’s commitment to enhance the variety and quality of in-park dining options and experience. I whole-heartedly thank the entire team for bringing another pleasant surprise to our guests.”

Exquisite tastes and flavours preserve to the next generation
The new “Tasting Menu” integrates different flavours and varying styles of local and foreign cuisine with eye-catching plating and tasty dishes from different regions. The Appetizer Platter includes Taiwanese Shredded Guava with Preserved Plum Flavour, Sichuan style Crispy Air-dried Angus Beef with Honey and Diced Abalone with Wasabi made with Australian Greenlip Abalone, which eliminates greasiness and brings a slight and refreshing spiciness for the hot summer days.

The Kamei Chicken Consommé with Black Wolfberries and Yunnan Ham in a Whole Young Coconut offers a refreshingly sweet sensation. The soup is made with Yunnam Ham, black wolfberries and locally-sourced fresh Kamei Chicken with coconut juice, and stewed for over ten hours to bring the best taste out of the natural ingredients.

The new menu has introduced many new high-quality ingredients that have gained popularity in recent years to further enhance the taste and flavours of traditional Chinese cuisine. For example, the Stir-fried Lobster with Crispy Egg White and Truffle is skillfully prepared using sustainable Australian lobster tail and is presented in an elegant coral-shaped lobster accompanied by crispy egg white in a souffle texture.

The Braised Pork Belly in Aged Vinegar uses high-quality pork stewed with Balsamic vinegar and Zhenjiang vinegar, flooded with meaty, sweet and sour flavours. The Neptune’s Signature Fried Rice features sustainable Australian abalone, lobster and red king crab meat from Alaska, integrated with over healthy ingredients including carrots and purple cabbage into a plate of moist rice “fried in cold oil at a high temperature”.

And finally, the delicate Kiwi Fruit Sweet Soup with Fruit Jelly and Glutinous Rice Balls concludes the meal with a smooth, sweet goldfish-shaped milk pudding, garnished with kiwi seeds, which are beneficial to the digestive system, and sided with handmade rice balls to present a delicious and attractive dish.

In addition to Chef KK Chan Tasting Menu, Neptune’s Restaurant also offers an a la carte menu, including some of the guests’ favourite Chef Chan dishes and new dishes also made with sustainable seafood sourced globally. The restaurant believes that inheritance is the most important element in food culture with the use of sustainable ingredients. Accompanied with skillful cooking and preservation of the Chinese traditional food culture, ecological conservation can be inherited to the next generation.