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Giant Panda Ying Ying Confirms Not Pregnant


Ocean Park confirms that the Park’s giant panda Ying Ying’s pregnancy symptoms have since diminished and it is confirmed that Ying Ying is not pregnant. She started to display some typical pregnancy symptoms in late July like decreased appetite and changes in hormonal levels. Yet these symptoms gradually subsided in August and with her behaviour and hormonal levels returning to normal. After thorough examination and discussion with experts, Ocean Park can now confirm that Ying Ying is not pregnant. 
Giant panda pregnancies are filled with uncertainties. Mature female giant pandas may display typical pregnancy symptoms after their oestrous cycle. Using ultrasound scans, a pregnancy can only be confirmed 14 to 17 days prior to the birth. Ocean Park will continue to work closely with experts from China Conservation and Research Centre for Giant Panda to provide the best husbandry care for the Park’s giant pandas and in continuing efforts in breeding this species, so that we may look forward to welcoming the Park’s first giant panda cub in the future.