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Ocean Park Launches Little Meerkats’ Growth Diary Series Featuring Adorable Meerkat Triplets
Next Up: “Breaststroke Queen” Yvette Kong to Join Facebook Live Broadcast


Despite being temporarily closed, Ocean Park has been keeping fans amused with creative, fun and engaging daily stories on social media featuring the Park’s lovable animal ambassadors. Just last week, the animal ambassadors made a Facebook Live broadcast debut to interact with fans. Today the Park launches the latest episode of its popular Little Meerkats’ Growth Diary series, featuring heart-melting clips and stories about Charles, Jeff and Yan, the adorable meerkat triplets born in the Park earlier this year, and the trio will soon be marking their six-month birthdays.  
Ocean Park has also invited Yvette Kong Man-yi, Olympic swimmer and “Hong Kong’s Breaststroke Queen”, to join an upcoming Facebook Live broadcast on Wednesday, 12 August. Fans will be able to see Yvette interacting with the Park’s seals – kindred spirits who also share her love of swimming. Don't miss it!
Highlights of the Adorable Meerkat Triplets’Growth Diary
Born on 27 February this year, Charles, Jeff and Yan were named by fans through a Facebook naming poll. They weighed merely 200 grams when they were a month old, but are now an impressive 800 grams. They love insects and meat. Juvenile meerkats can digest up to 70-80 grams of food a day (the food intake varies between that of juvenile and adult meerkats).

The triplets differ in physical appearance and personality. Charles carries light-coloured fur with a white shade on his face as if he has makeup on. He is an energetic and curious explorer that often listens in on what his caretakers are saying to each other.

Jeff has brown hair and a quiet personality.

Yan (coffee with tea in Chinese) has an appearance that matches her name, thanks to the milky brown shade of her fur. She is slow to warm up, and prefers to observe the happenings around her quietly.

The playful meerkat cubs wake up at around 7am every morning, and start exploring and chasing each other around their pen. They sometimes engage in a behaviour that appears like sumo fighting, where such behaviours allow members in the meerkat family to enhance relationships, and sometimes challenge their older, also larger-in-size brothers and sisters to a play fight.

The meerkats often cuddle up for a nap after lunch, and after a day of fun and play, will retire to their dens at dusk and go to sleep soon after.

The triplets recently started to learn and mimic the role of a sentry alongside their older siblings. However, they are not as strong or as attentive as their older siblings yet and will often leave their posts only after a few minutes and start to play with their toys.

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