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Ocean Park Unveils Investigation Results on Mine Train Incident


(Hong Kong – 30 September 2011) Following further investigation on the Mine Train incident, Ocean Park would like to present the following findings:

At 12:25pm on 11 September 2011, 2 trains on Ocean Park's Mine Train attraction were suspended after coming into contact with each other. All passengers on both trains were safely exited without injury. EMSD was notified of the incident.

Upon investigation, it was found that the cause of the incident was a broken brake lining on the ride track brakes, which allowed the approaching train to pass through the brake area without a complete stop and to come in contact with the stationary train in the loading platform area.

In view of these findings, Ocean Park has adopted the below new procedures:

1. Enhancing the frequency of inspection on braking system ;
2. Enhancing the frequency of inspection of the guide wheels and the brake fins of the trains;
3. Tightening the replacement criteria of the brake linings; and
4. Readjusting the braking force of brake units to further increase the safety factor.

The ride was reopened today (30 September 2011) after an appropriate and thorough review, as well as complete and satisfactory testing of all systems.

In regard to other ride incidents reported earlier, including Raging River, Rapids Ride and Ocean Park Tower, all have resumed normal operation after appropriate testing and review of all systems.

An independent ride safety consultant has also been engaged to conduct a full investigation, starting in October 2011, to review the mechanical ride systems, maintenance, operations, staffing, manuals, emergency procedures, training and the events of incidents to ensure that the systems were operated and maintained properly and to recommend improvement if needed to ensure safe practices and public confidence in Ocean Park.

Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park Corporation said, “We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the recent incidents. We can further assure the public of our continuing commitment to safety, as well as our best practices approach to operating and maintaining the attractions.”

The safety of all Park guests has always been the number one priority of Ocean Park. All rides within Ocean Park are licensed by EMSD and comply with and go beyond all relevant regulations and guidelines required by the Government. Handled by a team of 160, all 21 rides currently in operation are inspected on a daily basis. Periodical maintenance checks are also conducted on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis to ensure the safety of the mechanical rides. The rides are subject to annual inspections by ride-surveyors, upon which a detailed report is written and submitted to EMSD. In addition, beyond the Ordinance’s requirement, Ocean Park engages international ride safety consultants every year to review the conditions of all the rides, maintenance and operation practices, and records. Standard exiting procedures and emergency drills are conducted on all rides and attractions regularly with the involvement of EMSD and the Fire Services Department.

Ocean Park’s 90 ride operators hold a total of 560 operator certificates for the individual rides. A minimum of 30 hours of practical training, a written test and a practical test are administered by a certified competent person (CP) approved by EMSD before an initial certificate is issued. There are also ongoing training sessions, and the Park’s practice has been to have each and every operator certificate refreshed formally (including a practical test) every two years although this is beyond what is required by EMSD.

The Park also has a long established Corporate Safety Committee, internal audit programs and recently introduced Enterprise Risk Management System to review all Park facilities regularly through various programs for recognition of effective and safe operations, using best practices of the Industry, as well as identifying and addressing safety improvements and incident prevention.

Ocean Park is committed to ensuring the safety of its guests and will continue to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all to enjoy.