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Fanfare Continues with Hong Kong, China Olympic Delegation Visiting Ocean Park


Ocean Park and the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC) co-organised the Hong Kong, China Olympic Delegation Ocean Park Fun Day today to celebrate the Delegation’s historic wins of one gold, two silver and three bronze medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
Led by Timothy Fok, President and Kenneth Fok, Vice-President of SF&OC, and Pui Kwan-kay, Chef de Mission of the Hong Kong, China Delegation to Tokyo Olympics, athletes and coaches including table tennis representatives Lee Ho-ching, Doo Hoi-kem and Wong Chun-ting, and badminton mixed doubles duo Tang Chun-man and Tse Ying-suet joined the Fun Day with hundreds of fans coming to the Park to support them.
“This is the first Olympics after the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region where a local athlete took home a gold medal. Together with a historic feat of two silver and three bronze medals, this is truly magnificent,” said Timothy Fok, President of SF&OC. “We hope that each athlete will continue to make Hong Kong proud, and that Hong Kong residents will continue in supporting our athletes and every game they play.”
Paulo Pong, Deputy Chairman of Ocean Park Corporation said, “The accomplishments of the Hong Kong team in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics certainly turn a new page in history. Their fervour and determination have made a lasting impression on everyone. Ocean Park is extremely excited to host this Fun Day as a token of appreciation for the athletes, their coaches and support teams. It also allows the cheering Hong Kong fans to personally thank them for their dedication. With our animal ambassadors and thrill rides, I hope the Fun Day will be a chance for them to relax with families and friends before they gear up for their next challenge.”
Presenting Lifetime Pass and Annual Pass to the Hong Kong, China Olympic Delegation
To honour Hong Kong athletes’ outstanding performance in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Ocean Park presented the medallists with Ocean Park Lifetime Passes and five Annual Passes, and other athlete representatives each with six Annual Passes for them to enjoy the Park with their families.
Hong Kong, China Olympic Delegation interacts with audience
The athletes were very graceful when they let the audience experience their magical skills up close. Hong Kong table tennis delegates Lee Ho-ching, Doo Hoi-kem, Wong Chun-ting, Zhu Chengzhu and Ho Kwan-kit, together with badminton mixed doubles duo Tang Chun-man and Tse Ying-suet, and triathlon athlete Oscar Louis Coggins and his coach Andrew James Wright, demonstrated their skilful table tennis moves, making the day of the cheering crowd. Visitors and fans were also able to meet and take photos with their sports idols.
Ocean Park once again congratulates the Hong Kong, China Olympic Delegation on their achievements and wishes them even more triumphant moments to come. 
Hong Kong, China Olympic Delegation Ocean Park Fun Day was supported by the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee, Hong Kong, China.