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Ocean Park to Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Ocean Park Halloween Bash with all new, bigger and scarier than ever attractions, offering 10 times the fright, 10 times the fun


444 ghastly ghouls and over 25 haunted attractions, with Hong Kong’s largest laser tag battlefield and a maze based on Pang Brothers’ latest movie “Child’s Eye”
Dance, costume and cooking competitions heighten guest participation

(1 September 2010 - Hong Kong) Screaming into its 10th year, the Ocean Park Halloween Bash 2010 is pushing the fear factor to groundbreaking new limits with a whole new programme guaranteed to make everyone’s blood run cold with a more interactive encounter of the terrifying kind. From 23 September to 31 October, as soon as the sun goes down every Friday, weekend and public holiday, daring Park guests can try their luck at the adrenaline-pumping laser tag zombie battle zone that spans a cavernous 4,000 sq ft or brave their way through a frightening fantasy world based on the Pang Brothers’ latest horror movie. And with over a dozen games and shows, as well as dance, costume and cooking competitions, guest participation in this spookiest event of the year has never been more frightening or more fun. To spread the 10th anniversary cheer, Ocean Park offers guests who purchase or renew a SmartFun Annual Pass, from today until 15 October, the opportunity to redeem a Halloween Bash Night ticket valid on designated days for HK$10 only.*

Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park, proudly pronounced the significance of this tenth anniversary of Ocean Park Halloween Bash at a special preview event today. “In 2010, Ocean Park celebrates its 10th Halloween Bash Birthday with 10 times the fright, 10 times the fun! Our ghastly ghouls have literally multiplied 10-fold since it all first started back in 2001, with 10 times more hair-raising attractions and a crew of spooky stage-hands that is 10 times bigger. We also brought in the latest technology, including exhilarating laser gear and insanely awesome augmented reality panels, to ensure every moment our guests spend in the park is filled with shivering excitement. This year’s event is so intense that we will make available for sale at retail shops a special amulet that would enable guests to ward off approaching ghastly characters; however, there are no guarantees except for a frightfully fun time for everyone,” said Dr. Zeman.

This year, the Gates to the World’s Greatest Halloween Party will open right at Tai Shue Wan, where a spooky world awaits thrill seekers to overwhelm their senses. In Terror Park, presented by Blue Girl, Hong Kong’s first ever haunted attraction featuring RFID (Radio-frequency identification) for increased interactivity, there is only one way out of its nightmare carnival—by saving lost souls. After successfully leaving last year’s guests not knowing whether they were surrounded by ghosts or just watching a horror flick, Ocean Park once again teamed up with the Pang Brothers to create another haunting attraction based on their new movie,The Child’s Eye. Guests will get to experience the adventure of the main character in an eerie hotel setting before it even premieres in cinemas.

In the fiery land of Tai Shue Wan Netherworld, grand spectacles of Halloween will be played out. Scaremonies 10 will razzle-dazzle the audience as the Ox God and minions go on a sensational musical quest to find superstars missing from this earthly world. In a cross-over collaboration between Ocean Park and fashion brand another, this year’s Halloween Bash will feature theDemon Street Dance Competition and Halloween’s Next Top Model, where the bravest of the living amongst the audience can jump right onto the stage and join in the breathtaking fun.

The freakiest of all haunts from Asian traditions will await guests at The Summit. Zombie Hunt, Hong Kong’s biggest laser tag battlefield will see thousands of brave souls fend off terrifying zombies with hi-tech laser gears every night. The creepy elders at No. 7 Fear Road, inside the Haunted Tales of Guangdong, will spin bone-chilling fables from this neighbouring province that come alive in front of guests’ eyes. And guests interested in acquiring some of the best voodoo skills would not want to miss theBlack Magic Academy. Inside Beauty in the Grave, also located at the Summit, guests will get to lie inside a coffin and receive a free makeover to acquire the appearance of a vampire, a paper doll, a ghostly bride, or something more sinister.

Once guests make their way to The Waterfront haunted houses, they can boogie at the Fang Club vampire dance party,presented by 5 Gum, before escaping through the final stretch of a maze in total darkness and experience the most realistic crematorium attraction anywhere at Burned Alive, presented by Yahoo!. Fans of Halloween Bash, both old and new, can stroll down a lane of macabre memories with a visit to the Museum of Horrors, which will display classic Halloween Bash moments over the last decade and the ghoulish trappings that Dr. Zeman put on in years past.

In the wacky world at The Waterfront, guests can also join in the Goblin Landlord Game Show, from which they can only exit if they outsmart the four sinister living playing cards. Another way of saving themselves from being eaten alive is to try their hand at the Cooking Monster show and make something delicious to nourish the shrivelled souls of ghosts and ghouls. Guests who impress the hungry spirits with their cooking skills might even get to live and receive blood-curdling rewards!

Todd Hougland, Director of Events and Entertainment at Ocean Park, cannot wait for Halloween to arrive. “Laser tag is incredibly fun to begin with; but the action and excitement will hit a new level when it is paired with drooling zombies dragging their bodies along to chase after you. This year’s Halloween Bash is sure to amaze everyone, since visitors will be surrounded by all kinds of ghostly contraptions, including our newest augmented reality technology.”

Renowned master directors of the horror film genre, the Pang Brothers are also delighted to be back for a second haunt, after their frighteningly successful debut with last year’s movie-based attraction, Recycle. “It’s extra magical and macabre this year, since Ocean Park guests get to experience our new movie, The Child’s Eye, before it premieres in cinemas. They’ll get to travel between the real and paper underworld and encounter the ghost family from the film. We were so thrilled to see fans having fun in last year’s attraction that we just can’t wait to see their eyes wide with terror from our latest inspiration.”

Dr. Zeman reminds everyone, brave or timid, that the countdown to Halloween fun has begun as tickets are already available. “Don’t be bashful and bring your friends, because you’ll definitely need someone to hold on to as you journey through Halloween Bash 2010. With this year’s 10th anniversary making the event even more highly anticipated, I would suggest everyone organize their schedule and get their tickets as early as possible,” said Dr Zeman.

* From today until 15 October, guests who purchase or renew a SmartFun Annual Pass Gold Adult Pass, Silver Adult Pass, or Student Pass (HK$695/545/485) can redeem a Halloween Bash Night ticket valid on 23 September or 21/27/28 October for HK$10 only.

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