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Ocean Park Celebrates Year of the Tiger with New Lives and Animal Ambassadors with Great Vigour


Kung Hei Fat Choi! Ocean Park is celebrating the Year of the Tiger with 45 new-borns that have arrived just in time to send lunar new year wishes to everyone and celebrate the Park’s 45th anniversary. These precious bundles of joy are particularly full of life, just like little tigers.
Counting down to the Year of the Tiger, 25 penguin chicks emerged from their shells one after another at South Pole Spectacular earlier, and they have been thriving fearlessly over the last two months to welcome the new year. These include 21 gentoo penguins, three southern rockhoppers and a king penguin chick. Some of these penguin chicks will fledge in a few weeks and be ready to show off their swimming skill to visitors soon, while others are clinging on to their parents for food and protection. Visitors who cannot wait to see these adorable creatures during the Park’s temporary closure can visit our social media where the penguin chicks have recently made their first social appearance.
Meanwhile at Grand Aquarium, ten yellow seahorses and ten pot-bellied seahorses were born, and as we come to celebrate the Year of the Tiger, these babies have grown much bigger in size, signifying vitality and hope for the new year. Being Ocean Park’s founding signature, these baby seahorses are surely the best gift of nature for the celebration of the Park’s 45th anniversary!
At Giant Panda Adventure and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures, the giant panda and red panda families are excited about the Chinese New Year celebration. An An and Ying Ying the inimitable giant pandas enjoyed spring festival blessings with lucky treats – Sichuan bamboo shoot appetisers, purple potato new year sweet cake in fish shape, and auspicious apples to usher the festive ambience. Le Le also enjoyed a big lunar new year feast near a peach blossom tree made with carrots and yam beans, wishing visitors crank up their charm for the year ahead.
On the other side of Giant Panda Adventure, the adorable red panda Cong Cong enjoyed the icy lunar new year cake made with high fibre biscuits and carrots. He also savoured his favourite fruits and vegetables including green apples, dragon fruits, grapes, baby corns, winter bamboo shoots and rice shoots served in a traditional Chinese candy box that symbolises wealth, abundance and wholesome, wishing all visitors good health and satisfaction all day every day throughout the whole year.
Looking forward to the reopening of the Park as COVID-19 subsides, the Park invites the public to come visit our animal ambassadors. Meanwhile, don’t forget to take little steps in our daily lives such as minimising the use of fresh water and disposable plastics to help protect the environment and conserve the natural habitats of wild animals!