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Ocean Park Halloween Bash Auditions seek fresh talents To assemble 444 ghouls for the largest ever hellish party for the upcoming 10th anniversary celebration for Halloween Bash


(3 July 2010, Hong Kong) Ocean Park Halloween Bash has always been an important annual event for the local public and tourists, as well as the largest Halloween party in Asia. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Halloween Bash, there will be over 20 attractions and programmes on show this year; with 444 scary characters, up over 10% from last year, and the largest number of performers. Starting today, Ocean Park is hosting public auditions for its Halloween Bash campaign in search of the spookiest and scariest characters. Horror film Maestro Oxide Pang Chun joined the judging panel at today’s audition and rated candidates on their performances based on scenes from Hong Kong’s first 3D horror film Child’s Eye.

There will be five days of walk-in auditions for the 10th   Ocean Park Halloween Bash. The first day (3 July) alone attracted over 260 candidates. Last year, the number of candidates applied for performers was 239 for the first day and 1035 for the overall auditions period.  Competition was intense, as candidates strived to impress the judges with their voices, body movements, gestures, and spooky expressions. Candidates who display outstanding people-scaring skills as well as an expressive and proactive character are likely to be chosen to join the scary team. Ocean Park will select 444 Halloween ghouls and stunt performers who will be paid on an hourly basis, depending on job nature and specialties, hourly rates range from $45 to $135. Ocean Park will also recruit 150 backstage crews; they will be paid on hourly, daily or monthly basis. Monthly rate can reach $30,000. Ocean Park’s Events & Entertainment Director, Todd Hougland, said, “The total number of characters and performers required this year is over 10% higher than last year. The Ocean Park Halloween Bash is a platform for aspiring local entertainers to participate in world-class performances, and this year we’ll have over 20 all new attractions and programmes, including 8 haunted houses in 3 theme zones, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Ocean Park Halloween Bash. We look forward to enjoying the biggest-ever Halloween party with our guests.”

Renowned film director Oxide Pang Chun, together with Ciwi Lam and Rex Ho who both starred in the 3D thriller Child’s Eye’s attended today’s audition. Pang said, “The candidates performed well and are talented and energetic. I believe they will give our guests a wonderful experience. My tips for them are - embrace the character and your performances will be spot-on.”  

Connie Chan, a member of the scary team last year, said,” I have always wanted to participate in this great Halloween activity in Asia. I was excited and glad to be one of the Halloween performers. This is a valuable performing opportunity. I gained a lot of satisfaction and the income was higher than average”

Vince Lau, who joined the audition for the first time, said. “I love the Halloween atmosphere! If I can be one of the Halloween Bash performers to interact with the guests, it will surely be an unforgettable experience.”

Ocean Park Halloween Bash’s open auditions will be held on 3,4,5,10 and 11 of July, to recruit halloween performers, dancers, stunt performers, gymnasts and  Extreme Sports Specialist. Backstage crews recruitment will be held in the 3rd week of July in the Park (All applicants have to make registrations.)

For details, please refer to: http://www.oceanpark.com.hk/html/tc/whats-new/news/halloween_re.html

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