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Ocean Park Unveils Hong Kong’s Most Spectacular 80-ft High Diving Show Candidates of HKCEE and HKALE Treated to Preview of World’s Tallest and Longest Inflatable Slide Relief for summer heat ready for guests starting on 1 July Holiday


(29 June 2010, Hong Kong) Ocean Park today unveiled Hong Kong’s most spectacular 80-foot high diving show with a premiere performance at a kick-off event, which also showcased the world’s tallest and longest inflatable slide and Hong Kong’s largest water gun battlefield, which is over 10,000 square-foot in size, to students, media, candidates of HKCEE and HKALE, as well as celebrity guests. All the attractions are among the coolest and wettest summer relief to be featured in this year’s annual Summer Splash, running from 1 July to 31 August. Mr. Tom Mehrmann, Chief Executive of Ocean Park, said, “We have once again prepared exclusive presentations appearing in Hong Kong for the very first time to help our guests beat the summer heat. Students who sat in this year’s HKCEE and HKALE would be glad to know that Ocean Park is treating them to a special offer as reward for their hard work.”

Ocean Park specifically brought in Ms. Icy Wong, the effervescent weather presenter, to lead the coolest tour of this year’s headline attractions in Summer Splash. At The Waterfront, Icy was first joined by Mr. Mehrmann and Whiskers for a sneak preview of the Summer Stunt Spectacular—a high diving presentation by national competition medalists from North America and Europe. Performing in Hong Kong for the first time, the international troupe renowned for jumping from a platform, at 80 feet above the audience, wowed the attending media with spectacular acrobatics and their signature Fire Dive. Mr. Mehrmann said, “With the first-ever presentation of this high diving show in Hong Kong, Summer Splash 2010 will definitely make the biggest splash ever! Including the regular attractions, Ocean Park will present close to 50 attractions and shows during Summer Splash, plus almost 350 refreshing dining and retail offers. In Tai Shue Wan, our guests will find a dazzling array of water fun, such as the Mega Aqua Slide, the world’s tallest and longest inflatable slide, and Alien Water Battle, Hong Kong’s largest water gun fight arena, as well as various music, dance attractions and presentations.”

He added, “Coinciding with this year’s Summer Splash is the launch of yet another brand new attraction under Ocean Park’s Master Redevelopment Plan—Sea Life Carousel. The ocean-themed carousel features 61 carriers in 13 different endangered sea animal designs. A maximum of 81 passengers can enjoy the 4-minute family ride at the same time. Sea Life Carousel will open in early July.”

At the Mega Aqua Slide, teen idol and recording artist Ms. Elanne Kwong became the first to experience the thrill of gliding down the world’s tallest and longest inflatable slide—measuring 11 metres in height and 54 metres in length—in Hong Kong. For younger guests, Ocean Park has set up Super Slide, at 7-metre high and 28-metre long, with a built-in bouncing platform; and a Junior Slide will also be available for toddlers. Mr. Mehrmann said, “Summer Splash has always been one of the most popular summer events in Hong Kong, not just on account of the water-themed presentations we create for our guests, but also because we bring in the best and most exciting attractions from all over the world to keep every Summer Splash as fresh and cool as ever.”

Local TV and film actor Mr. Him Law was joined by a group of HKCEE and HKALE candidates at the Alien Water Battle in a 10,000 square-foot battlefield, the largest water gun venue in Asia, to help save Ocean Park from invading sea monsters. Players not only have to watch out for each other’s drenching attack, they also have to avoid being doused by robotic creatures capable of sensing the approach of a player.  Mr. Tom Mehrmann said, “As Hong Kong’s People’s Park, we felt it was appropriate and timely to provide stress and heat relief to all the students who have worked so hard for their HKCEE and HKALE. In addition to being able to cool off and release tension at all our attractions, candidates sitting for HKCEE and HKALE can enjoy a buy-one-get-one-free offer on combo meals available at our food kiosks during 1-15 July.”

Guests visiting Ocean Park this summer will also have the opportunity to experience the pulse-quickening Aqua Battle arcade, where participants will need to swiftly learn how to catapult water bombs at each other with pin-point accuracy. To intensify excitement and the cooling power of the game, the Park has devised special depth-charges to ensure that no players would be left high and dry.

As part of today’s kick-off preview, a group of lucky primary school students got to enjoy Foam Rave, one of the best loved attractions at Ocean Park. Surrounded by loads of UV-lit foam bubbles, these precocious disco kings and queens had a royal time dancing to pulsating techno rhythms. Other song and dance offerings in Summer Splash 2010 include: Wet’n Wild Rhythms, a Water Drum Show that mixes water waves with sound waves; and Splash Dance, an outdoor aquatic dance display featuring Tap dancers, Brazilian martial artists, hip hop and break dancers.

Mr. Mehrmann concluded, “With the mercury steadily rising, Ocean Park will again be one of the coolest destinations this summer. The attractions specially created for Summer Splash are open for a limited time only, so I encourage everyone to plan ahead for their trips to Ocean Park now!”

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