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Mr. Men Little Miss Unique Summer Party 2022

16.07.2022 - 31.08.2022

Discover loads of summer fun with Mr. Men Little Miss
Let’s meet unique new friends and discover your unique self at Ocean Park!

Popular children's book series, Mr. Men Little Miss and “JC A-Connect: Jockey Club Autism Support Network” (JC A-Connect) character ambassador Bling Bling, have arrived at Ocean Park to celebrate summer! Each unique character teaches us to love ourselves and others for the various ways we are. Meet them all at cool attractions around Ocean Park! Take part in Mr. Men Little Miss x JC A-Connect: Treasure Hunters to find new friends and see which of them share similar personalities with you and your family and friends! The spirit of inclusion continues at JC A-Connect: Caregiver Skills Training’s installation, where kids use role-play to develop communication skills and care for others in different social settings while parents can learn parent-child communication skills! Children can find Bling Bling and friends in Ocean Park, understand their unique characteristics and learn to embrace everyone’s uniqueness. Stop by Mr. Men Little Miss Adventure Playground, where three exciting indoor games wait to discover your physical talents! There are also lots of opportunities to take sunny snaps with Mr. Men Little Miss characters at Waterfront Plaza, plenty of limited-time themed merchandise and tasty summer dishes for fans!

Bling Bling – Same Among The Differences

Bling Bling, as the ambassador of JC A-Connect initiated and funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, is a child character created by JC A-Connect, partnered with the well-known children’s book series Mr. Men Little Miss in 2021. The rainbow skin and star-like appearance represent the variety of individual traits and behaviours that make up Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). With the unique character and talents, Bling Bling also longs to meet new friends and loves hanging out with Mr. Happy, Little Miss Shy and so many more. This time, they’ve all come to Ocean Park to throw a special summer party, with the hope that every one can learn to understand our uniqueness, respect and spread love to one another. Together, let’s all fill the world with the positive power of harmony and inclusion!

Discover Yourself with Bling Bling and Mr. Men Little Miss Friends

In partnership with JC A-Connect, Bling Bling brings new Mr. Men Little Miss friends to Ocean Park and invites you to explore yourself! They’ve hidden in different corners of the Park—join Mr. Men Little Miss x JC A-Connect: Treasure Hunters to find them and see which of them share similar personalities with you and your family and friends! Seek them all and put stickers to redeem fabulous limited-time prizes! Embrace your own and others’ flair and character, so every one can shine like a star! These adorable friends always encounter unexpected adventures because of their special characters. If you want to learn more about yourself and others through their tales, come and join Mr. Men Little Miss x JC A-Connect: Story Time! There’s one session every Sunday with limited seats, so act fast to hear a story by the educational psychologist team of The University of Hong Kong!

Little Miss Hug-and-Seek

Calling all expert pathfinders! Come to the Waterfront Plaza and see if you can find the way out of Little Miss Hug-and-Seek’s maze challenge! At each twist and turn, you might just spot some of these iconic characters. Be sure to take many selfies once you locate them! Of course, more themed photo spots can also be found all over Ocean Park. Some of these cute characters will even make surprise appearances at Mr. Men Little Miss Fan Meet! They’ll be there to strike different poses for your shots!

JC A-Connect: Caregiver Skills Training

Explore the interactive JC A-Connect: Caregiver Skills Training world at The Summit! Here, the Caregiver Skills Training’s toy set becomes installations, children can play as different everyday roles in the virtual city, like turning into a supermarket cashier to ring up purchases with their parents, or act as an auto mechanic to assemble a toy car! Through interesting interactive games, parents are encouraged to focus and utilise the evidence-based caregiver skills, they can engage with their children while playing and acting, ultimately improving parent and child communication. Don’t forget to take photos with Bling Bling, Mr. Cool and other friends at the Little Garden to capture the happy moments!

Mr. Men Little Miss Adventure Playground

If you want to release all that pent-up summer energy, check out the Mr. Men Little Miss Adventure Playground! Both adults and kids can face three sports games—Shoot to Score, Hit Base and Strike BIG—each designed to bring out your competitive side while showcasing your physical skills! Compete to be the best in shooting, baseball and giant bowling!

Giant Fun

Ocean Park has totally blown up the size of two popular games because giant-sized games mean giant-sized fun! Gather your friends to form a foosball team at Mr. Men Little Miss Giant Kickoff! Pass and catch the ball, kick and twist with your fancy footwork and target for as many goals as possible! If your talent is your aim, don’t hesitate to exhibit your skills at Mr. Men Little Miss Basketball Connect 4! Be the first to get four balls in a row!

Limited-time Mr. Men Little Miss Merchandise

With their simple yet colourful and enchanting designs, the Mr. Men Little Miss characters have found their way into the hearts of many fans. Come shop for a wide collection of exclusive limited-time Mr. Men Little Miss merchandise at Waterfront Gifts! Bring home your favourite characters and complete your collection!

Mr. Men Little Miss-themed Delicacies

When you need to replenish your energy after the exciting games and challenges, try an array of Mr. Men Little Miss-themed dishes and desserts at restaurants around Ocean Park! The special summer menu will satisfy your cravings for delicious treats while helping you refuel to keep playing!

Starry Summit Glamping

Apart from having fun with Mr. Men Little Miss, want to enjoy a refreshing holiday experience immersed in nature this summer? You must join Starry Summit Glamping! All necessities are prepared for you, including a comfy air-conditioned private tent, shower facilities and lots of relaxing amenities. You can savour Thai dinner at Ginger Grill and a delightful breakfast at Bayview Restaurant. Programmes such as Sunrise Moment, the newly added Penguin Feeding, South Pole Spectacular Night Tour and Sea Lion Meet and Greet await as well! You can also enjoy unlimited priority access to Mr. Men Little Miss Adventure Playground for booking from 16 July to 30 August, 2022.