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Music Enthusiasts Gather at Ocean Park for a cappella Fiesta


(Hong Kong - 28 March 2010) Ocean Park took a musical voyage today as it welcomed four a cappella teams from around the world to serenade its guests at the SkyFair Plaza in celebration of this year’s Hong Kong Mega Event – The Hong Kong 2010 International a cappella Festival.

Featuring Eclipse from USA, Riltons Vänner from Sweden, MICappella from Singapore, and Hong Kong’s very own HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers, the 4 talented teams presented a wide variety of music ranging from collegiate-a-cappella to barbershop-style repertoires to vocal rock numbers to Ocean Park guests during their two performances today.

Mr. Tom Mehrmann, Chief Executive of Ocean Park said,” We are honored and excited to welcome these talented young people to Ocean Park. Their music is both entertaining and innovative, and is able to project such a positive image of creativity, energy and fun that I am sure it will not only appeal to music lovers from Hong Kong, but also to other Ocean Park guests from around the world. “

Mr. Mehrmann added, “We hope that, through this special occasion, we can provide a chance for our guests to appreciate all that is around us – the nature, the music and the talent and creativity of our young people. As Hong Kong People’s Park, we think this is also an excellent opportunity to show the world what a vibrant and exciting place Hong Kong is, to be able to bring together such talent and cultural richness in our small city.”

To play the part of a good host, Ocean Park has also taken the a cappella teams on a tour around the Park, including paying a visit to the Giant Pandas and watching Ocean Park’s latest dolphin and sea lion show – SeaDreams! A member of Eclipse said, “This is our team’s first time to visit Hong Kong and Ocean Park. I have always loved the pandas and it was an amazing experience to meet them in person finally!”