Water World
Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong

freakout from ancient times to the stars!

This Halloween, Ocean Park unlocks the gate of Parkaverse, you will travel across time and space to experience different dimensions of madness all at once! At Planet Pixel in Waterfront Plaza, the Halloween decorations have pixeled up into nightmares, video game characters have invaded and declared war. The balance between the virtual world and reality is at risk of breaking! When the clock strikes on the hour of darkness, the breach in the Parkaverse will open. Shift into Space Wrecked, where the unknown skies bring even more dangerous alien creatures! Drop into the Mausoleum of Madness one wrong move and you’ll be buried alive! A demon waits with his spirit army in the Ruins of the Damned and you’ll need to access supernatural technology to seal them all! Amidst the chaos and horror, don’t miss the series of brilliant shows and performances, tempting themed food and perfect photo op locations also lurking throughout the Parkaverse, where Ocean Park’s reality and interactive multimedia collide!


Planet Pixel

The world is growing pixelated! Video game characters have broken free from their virtual prison and have taken over Planet Pixel, shattering our world into millions of pixel blocks and cubes! Don’t panic, grab your mobile phone and join the top-tier players to save the world! Search for the QR codes hidden all around you and scan them to enter the virtual world for challenge missions!


Space Wrecked

As the Earth runs out of precious resources to sustain life, humanity must look to the stars for survival! An enormous space station outside Earth’s orbit is the only hope for achieving successful settlements in space. Soon, the maze of interconnected facilities floating in darkness will turn into a bloody maze for anyone within! Test your courage if you dare by escaping Space Wrecked!


Ruins of the Damned

Hong Kong’s most haunted ground makes its grisly return! Rumours say that whoever sneaks into the Demon’s forbidden realm never comes back. Only the boldest can uncover the truth behind the ruins! The only way to defeat the Demon is to collect all the seals and cast the ultimate spell, but be warned, if even one seal is missed, the caster will suffer an immense backlash!


Mausoleum of Madness

Space and time in the Parkaverse have been twisted by evil. Your team of explorers were sucked into a time warp, crashing into the Mausoleum of Madness! Make your way through the maze-like paths, hidden with deadly pitfalls and traps. Look out for quicksand and twisting passages that lose you in the deepest parts of the ancient tomb. Where you next turn will decide your fate! Choose your path well, explorer!


The House of Wraith Puppet

90 years ago, a cursed child was born, causing a series of deadly misfortunes to haunt a prominent family. To stay alive, the family’s patriarch abandoned his own flesh and blood in the wild. And to this day, the soul of that hapless infant haunts the forgotten mansion where she was born. Never touch the strange dolls within the The House of Wraith Puppet, or you may be possessed by the vengeful spirit determined to snatch the family love she never had!

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