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Sail Off Into The Blue to Have a Geological Adventure Along Hong Kong’s Southern Coastline


Ocean Park is adding a new programme to its marine tourism series Island South Discovery. Titled Little Geologist, the programme offers a fascinating exploration of Hong Kong’s southern coastal geology and marine features on a thrilling boat ride.
Participants will observe sea waves, learn about coastal landforms and marine conservation, and appreciate various attractions such as famous military landmarks and waterworks while they enjoy the sea breeze. In addition, they will get to see the Southern Island from a different perspective and discover its ecological and cultural diversity.
The programme offers two unique adventures along Hong Kong’s idyllic south coast. The Little Geologist – Surf in History Tour combines adrenaline-pumping jet boating experience with an educational sightseeing opportunity. Those joining the Little Geologist – Life on Coast Tour can relax on a traditional fishing boat and take a glimpse of Hong Kong’s fishing heritage and culture.
Itinerary One: Little Geologist – Surf in History Tour
Excitement seekers who are curious about history along the coasts can join the Little Geologist – Surf in History Tour, hopping on the only inflatable jet boat tour led by certified EcoGuides in Hong Kong. They are recognised by Ecotourism Australia who can deliver an authentic, environmentally responsible and professional experience, and will help participants dive into the rich cultural history and spot the ‘strange rocks’ along the coasts from Repulse Bay to Tai Tam Bay. During the enlightening journey, participants will also hear about Hong Kong’s military and nautical history as they go past landmark attractions including Murray House in Stanley and the Wordless Monument in Tai Tam Bay.
Itinerary Two: Little Geologist – Life on Coast Tour
Having an irregular coastline, the southern part of Hong Kong is just like a ‘private canvas’ of nature. The Little Geologist – Life on Coast Tour, suitable for adults and younger kids, will welcome adventurers onboard a Chinese sailing boat to appreciate this vast ‘landscape painting’. Participants can admire the beauty of different rock formations, including the ‘Godzilla Rock’ in Tau Chau and the sea caves around Middle Island, and see the Ocean Park Intake Station for the ‘secrets of the pond water’ in the Park.