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Scream Your Heart Out at the Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2023 Talent Hunt


Calling all screamers, performers, dancers, game hosts, stage directors and technicians! Ocean Park is on the prowl, searching for 1,200 talented individuals to unleash their flair for the dramatic at this year’s Ocean Park Halloween Fest.
Even if you are a newbie with no experience, as long as you have a great deal of enthusiasm and possess the power to send shivers down others’ spines, this is your opportunity to outshine the freaks and ghouls of the Halloween realm! Get ready to make hearts race and souls tremble as you plunge into this hair-raising extravaganza of the year.
Celebrate your inner star
Reveal your inner spark and take centre stage at the most electrifying event in town. Whether you're roaming through the Park, sending chills down the spines of visitors at haunted houses, dancing to the rhythm of the night, sliding into the depths of darkness or aspiring to become a ghost king, the Park’s mentors will help you see more talent and ability within you, empower you and ensure you're fully equipped to rock your role.
Aspiring performers can file their applications to the Park via https://reurl.cc/RvGev6. If you have what it takes, you'll be invited to auditions running from late June to July.

Join backstage experts and frontline heroes for the most spook-tacular show
In addition to performers, Ocean Park is also seeking passionate individuals to join its team of backstage and frontline professionals to bring Halloween terror and awe to life.
With roles like event assistants, performer escorts, technicians, festive food and beverage servers and retail staff, you'll have a chance to keep visitors fuelled with delightful fear and excitement.   
Work, scare and conquer with flexible schedules
Even better, everyone can unleash their inner goblin and make the most of a wickedly flexible schedule that fits their lifestyle! No matter you are a showbiz professional, 9-to-5 job person, student or slasher, you can dive into the eerie after class or amid other work-life commitments.
The talent hunt comes to you
No time? No problem! Prepare for an extraordinary encounter as the Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2023 Talent Hunt comes to the UG2 Atrium at The ONE in Tsim Sha Tsui from 17 to 18 June.
Brace yourself for a recruitment registration event that will leave you spellbound. Step into the world of Ocean Park Halloween Fest as the Park’s experienced crew members showcase captivating make-up demonstrations and thrilling dance performances, giving you an immersive taste of what you can expect. 
But that's not all. Performance coaches will be there to share tricks of the trade, ensuring you bring your A-game to the auditions. Whiskers and Friends, the Park’s beloved mascots, eagerly await your arrival, ready to snap selfies together!
Apply now for an unforgettable event experience and leave an indelible mark on the souls of those who dare to enter the haunted realm.
Information and application
*The contract period will be from the end of August to the end of October 2023. Successful candidates will enjoy a variety of employee benefits and discounts.