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Little Voyager

03.09.2022 - 27.11.2022 (Programme has ended. Thank you for your support!)

This programme is designed for someone who loves exploring nature and the ecological landscape. If you are excited about knowing the Southern District and fishing industry culture, and longing to learn basic marine knowledge, then the "Little Voyagers" is a tour that you mustn’t miss!

Led by Ocean Park’s Whiskers Villagers, children can go out of the classroom and go on a marine adventure. You can have a closer look at the unique coastline and learn about local geography, deepen your understanding of southern heritage and customs through interactive games on board while appreciating Hong Kong’s natural beauty from a whole new perspective. Not only will you be spending quality family time together, but also kindle the interests of children in Hong Kong history and marine life. Let’s create valuable sailing memories together!
Little Voyager
Little Voyager

Programme Content

There are two routes available for the tour. You can choose whichever one interests you the most, to explore different districts and immerse yourself in Hong Kong’s uniqueness.

Route No.1: Little Voyager - Southern District

Ap Lei Chau and Aberdeen have always been "sacred places" for the fishermen and fishing industry here. Seize this opportunity to visit the Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market, the Ap Lei Chau Hung Shing Temple and Shipyard, and other fascinating spots with guides on the fishermen’s lifestyle and tradition, to fully experience the fishing heritage at the old and new piers!      

Route No.2: Little Voyager - Central

Whiskers Villagers invite "Little Voyagers" to board the Central route, which brings together visits to the famous "check-in spot" Sai Wan Swimming Shed, Green Island Lighthouse and other fascinating spots. To accomplish the Whiskers Village mission, children must solve the hints with marine and coastal defence knowledge. Along the way, Whiskers Villagers will be sharing information on Hong Kong’s fishing activities, modern development and military history, as well as the history of the Pok Fu Lam Waterfall, fishing moratorium, and the Aberdeen typhoon shelter and so on for you to discover Hong Kong like never before!


HK$120 (Little Voyager - Central)
HK$90 (Little Voyager - Southern District)