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Ocean Park and MCL Join Forces to Bring First-of-its-Kind Conservation Initiative at K11 MUSEA


Ocean Park and Multiplex Cinema Limited (MCL) have partnered to launch a first-of-its-kind cross-sector conservation and education initiative Caring for the Future at K11 MUSEA, a premier cultural and entertainment landmark in Hong Kong. With the objective of promoting sustainable practices to bring positive impacts on the future of the planet, the initiative will offer shopping experience alongside documentary viewings and seminars focused on the importance of biodiversity conservation. These activities aim to educate the public on the contributions they can make to protect local ecosystems.
Learn, Explore, Shop – All Under One Roof
The strategic partnership between Ocean Park and MCL is a significant achievement in their collective effort to promote a sustainable future. The seminars organised by Ocean Park and hosted by MCL at the K11 Art House cinema will enable participants to learn from seasoned experts from various organisations leading marine biodiversity protection in Hong Kong, who will shed light on the challenges faced by the city’s fisheries, shoreline, and freshwater ecosystems.
In addition to the documentaries and seminars, the initiative also features a brand-new concept store, Caring for the Future Showcase @ Art House at K11 MUSEA, under the idea of reversing the loss for a better tomorrow. The store’s range of conservation-themed merchandise, including products made from recycled materials, will help promote sustainable living and encourage shoppers to take an active role in protecting the environment.
“We are thrilled to take Ocean Park’s conservation and education efforts beyond the Park’s boundaries to K11 MUSEA thanks to this creative collaboration with MCL. The Caring for the Future initiative allows us to reach a wider audience, convey conservation messages through the power of entertainment and inspire meaningful participation in the protection of nature biodiversity.  By making conservation part of the cinematic and shopper experiences, and partnering with industry experts and movie directors for seminars and documentaries, we look forward to inspiring everyone to make small changes in everyday life to live in harmony with the environment,” said Ivan Wong, Chief Executive of Ocean Park Corporation.
June Wong, General Manager of Multiplex Cinema Limited, said, “MCL is committed to promoting the development of cinema and film, entertainment, culture and art. In addition to film screening, we have created the SEE LIFE @ MCL brand in recent years. We have also introduced live broadcast of overseas concerts, film festivals as well as recorded stage productions such as dance, concerts and operas. We are honoured to have the opportunity to work together with Ocean Park on the Caring for the Future initiative. With the goal of creating a better and healthier ecological environment for our next generations, we will bring a series of films and forums themed around conservation to our audiences.”
Making a Positive Impact, Every Action Counts
As part of the collaboration between Ocean Park and MCL, K11 Art House is taking charge as the pioneering cinema under MCL to launch a series of green actions, such as replacing the containers for cup drinks, hot dogs, siu mei, popcorn, and more, with plastic-free, recyclable, 100% biodegradable, undyed and bleach-free materials.
“We are pleased to announce that MCL will donate HK$1 to Ocean Park from every environment-friendly packaged snack and drink sold at K11 Art House to support the Park’s research, conservation and education efforts in relation to local biodiversity. We invite all cinema-goers to join in,” June Wong continued.
Screening of Into the Blue
The kick-off ceremony of the Ocean Park and MCL collaboration was graced by esteemed guests including Dr Leung Siu-fai, JP, Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation and Dr Lam Ho-yi, JP, Executive President of Lai Sun Group. In addition to a VIP tour of the Caring for the Future Showcase @ Art House concept store, the launch event also featured screening of the documentary Into the Blue presented by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. Produced by Daphne Wong, James Kwok and Fung Hon Shing, the documentary showcases the remarkable diversity of coastal habitats and marine life in Hong Kong, aiming to raise awareness about marine biodiversity conservation.
Caring for the Future Showcase @ Art House
Store Location: 415A, K11 MUSEA, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong