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Step into the Abyss of Unending Horror at Halloween Fest 2023


Brace yourself for a thrilling adventure like no other at the Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2023! Get transported to the spine-tingling realm of School of Unending Horror, where six haunted houses of different themes, multiple performances and diverse family-friendly attractions will set your heart pounding. Mark your calendars between 15 September and 31 October 2023, so you and your friends can journey to a place where horror has no boundaries and fear reigns supreme.
Board the screaming school bus to the abandoned campus
Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2023 is bringing you experiences both strangely familiar and different from anything you have seen before. As you step off the school bus, a creepy sensation fills the air, causing a shiver to run down your spine. The once lively and vibrant Park has now become a spine-chilling terrain with terrifying classrooms, bizarre world, forbidden laboratory, haunted theatre and unsettling gardens.

The scary tour will start at the Spirit Boarding School presented by AEON Card, deserted for years and where creepy howls can still be heard at strange hours. Find your courage to enter the unknown, guided only by the mysterious footsteps, reunite with a lost group of former students and uncover the blood-soaked truth from the past.

The next chapter of the story takes place in Bad Dues. Look out for the vengeful spirit trapped within the decaying classrooms. Stay vigilant and avoid being pulled down into the depths of Hell itself!

After leaving the classroom, proceed with caution as a hidden door may suddenly appear, drawing you into alternate dimensions. Feel your heart racing as you enter the pitch-black darkness of the Netherworld. Explore the endless corridors leading to bewildering mirror mazes and a dizzying merry-go-round of terror, with the malevolent gaze of ghastly eyeballs watching your every move!

Within the hidden depths of the terrain lies the 180 Laboratory, where forbidden experiments seek to transform humans into mutant weapons. But danger looms as a deadly infection spreads like wildfire. It's up to you to save the remnants of humanity and end the impending catastrophe.

If you are lucky enough to escape from the laboratory, you will reach the backyard of the terrain, where a team of ghost detectives has vanished within the forgotten forest of Demon Grove. Embark on a treacherous journey to uncover their fate amidst the hidden ruins of a long-lost Japanese village. Will you find them alive, or will their remains be all that remains, a grim testament to the horrors within?

And finally, venture into the desolate film lot of The House of Wraith Puppet II, where the spirit of an unnamed actress lingers, trapped on set even after death. Explore the haunting emptiness of this ethereal stage, where the boundaries between the living and the dead become blurred.

Haunting shows and performances in the dark
Prepare to be immersed in a world of spine-chilling enchantment throughout the entire Park. The long-sleeping Dark Queen awakens at the Dark Queen's Fiesta with her followers gather at the ritual site. At the first-ever Hell's Beauty Pageant, the Deadly Pageant, drop-dead ghosts and ethereal influencers take the stage, showcasing their otherworldly charm. Enter The House of Dancing Corpse, where the restless undead emerges from their graves to unleash a frenzy of stomping and raving. But beware, for the Spooky Gala Performance holds surprises at every turn. Ghostly apparitions and peculiar oddities emerge from the shadows, catching you off guard with their spectral presence.
Halloween All Day Delight Tickets
Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience with Halloween All Day Delight Tickets available at an incredible price of just HK$388 for adults and HK$233 for children (except for designated Halloween Fest attractions). This ticket grants you access to full day of Halloween excitement with multiple performances, secretive photo spots and diverse family-friendly attractions. Don’t miss out on the hair-raising fun with the Park opens until 11pm on selected nights!

Grab your Halloween Combo Tickets now to enjoy early bird discount
For those seeking an extra dose of horror, prepare to plunge into the depths of fear on designated nights with Halloween Combo Tickets. You can also enjoy 15% early bird discount from now until 13 September 2023. Grab your tickets now and unleash the fear within!

AEON Cardholders will enjoy an exclusive discount of 15% on All Day Delight Ticket during the promotion period until 31 October 2023.

Halloween ghost characters are hauntingly coming your way
Get ready for a spine-tingling experience with the Ocean Park Halloween truck which ventures from the Park to various locations in Hong Kong on 2, 3, 9 and 10 September 2023. Our signature ghost characters will be out to search for innocent spirits during these two weekends. Watch out as they roam the streets, eager to shock and amaze visitors! Stay alert and excited to fully embrace the Halloween ambience!
Special thanks to Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2023 sponsor: AEON Card.