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Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2023: School of Unending Horror Commences!


Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2023 sets the stage ablaze, beckoning fearless "students" to embark on a spine-chilling journey at the School of Unending Horror. From now until 31 October 2023, the Park will be bustling with a spectacular array of festive experiences for both adults and kids. Come unleash your inner daredevil and embrace the thrilling allure of Halloween!
"Halloween Fest stands tall as Ocean Park's most iconic event, a testament to our unwavering commitment to creativity and innovation. Each September and October, we eagerly unveil a tapestry of fresh elements and imaginative surprises to captivate locals and visitors from around the world. This year, we're summoning the courageous souls to return to school, where the boundaries of horror cease to exist," said Paulo Pong, Chairman of Ocean Park Corporation.

A spine-chilling adventure to the abandoned campus
Brave challengers don't delay, for the Ghostly School Bus awaits to transport you to the mysterious abandoned campus with six uniquely terrifying haunted houses opened on selected days from 13 October onwards, with three of them located at The Waterfront, and other three located at The Summit.

Begin your journey at the Spirit Boarding School presented by AEON Card, where the chilling tales originated from an unfortunate girl's haunting encounters with bullies and abuse. Explore the school from the basketball court, damaged school hall, desolate corridors to the different classrooms, where the bullying scenes and screams manifest one by one! Keep calm as you navigate through the treacherous surroundings, for there lie dangers such as the raging inferno, the bloody handprint, and the macabre bookshelf saturated with blood. Carefully select your path at the junction, as a creepy funeral and a face-to-face encounter with the girl "in person" awaiting you.

If you dare to venture further and uncover the chilling second half of the story, proceed to Bad Dues. At the haunting confines of the funeral, the gateway to hell unveils itself, marking the commencement of your descent into the depths of damnation. Alongside your fellow students, burn the joss money and you shall soon confront an impending judgment, bracing yourselves for the myriad horrors that lie ahead in the realms of hell. Remember to crouch down to survive the harrowing chamber of knives and join your fellow students in introspection as you gaze upon your reflections in the room adorned with shattered mirrors.
Finally, after obtaining forgiveness from the girl, cross the Naihe Bridge and return to the real world.

The school holds more than just one secret. Embark on a journey to uncover the hidden secrets of the ghostly school, with special attention to the concealed door of the restroom. Beyond it lies a gateway to a realm of multiple universes, the Netherworld by Yiu Wing Live. In these realms, sinister and terrifying creatures intertwine, with each room serving as an endless haunting nightmare loop. Encounter distorted realities and unimaginable horrors, as the anomalies caused by temporal displacement come to life...mysterious corridors, hallucinatory mirror spaces, a giant spinning carousel – all filled with thrilling and wretched terrors with evil desires. Prepare to be immersed in a sensory-shocking world of primeval nightmares! Seeking an escape from this alternate reality? The path out of this maze of bewilderment, endless haunting, and otherworldly dimensions isn't as easy to find as you may think. Beware of being trapped forever!

Survive the terrifying encounter with haunted spirits at The Summit
Get higher in altitude to embark on more challenging adventures at The Summit, where the other three haunted houses await. Equip yourselves with laser guns as you have been enlisted into the ranks of Team X, a fearless group at the 180 Laboratory presented by Somersby whose mission is to eradicate the abominable horde of monsters and defeat the source of the infection that stems from the forbidden Project S experiments. But beware, for a gigantic, hairy friend awaits your presence, ready to challenge you.  

Prepare yourselves for an unsettling experience at the captivating Demon Grove, an enchanting yet forgotten Japanese forest teeming with bloodthirsty yokai. Traverse the torii gate, the lantern-lined walls, the mysterious shrine, the haunting onsen, and the perplexing mirror maze. Within its depths, you will encounter a towering skeleton, standing at a daunting height of around five metres, who seeks to enslave unsuspecting humans within his maze. Immerse yourselves in the unsettling beauty of this Japanese attraction, where the line between allure and dread becomes blurred.

Finally, calling all survivors from The House of Wraith Puppet to the ultimate thrill as you venture into The House of Wraith Puppet II by Yiu Wing Live, where the lingering spirit of the enigmatic actress awaits. As you walk through the glamorous dressing rooms and warehouses filled with scary props, remember to keep your eyes open and hands still, for you may unwittingly connect with a malevolent and terrorising spirit with ulterior motives! Ready your senses as you’ll need them to ensure you do not succumb to the reign of nightmare!

A spectacular array of frightening shows and performances
As darkness descends, embrace a thrilling array of enchantments within the Park. Encounter the slumbering Dark Queen and her devoted followers at the Dark Queen's Fiesta. Engage in the inaugural Hell's Beauty Pageant Deadly Pageant, revelling in the mesmerising and "inhuman" allure of ghostly influencers. Surrender to the pulsating rhythm as you dance alongside animated zombies, immersing yourself in The House of Dancing Corpse. And keep a watchful eye for spectres and eccentric performers unleashing frantic stunts at the exhilarating Spooky Gala Performance. In addition, don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet the ultimate ghost queen – Law Lan – at a surprise meet-and-greet on 31 October. Prepare for an adrenaline-fuelled adventure where every moment pulses with excitement and bewitching surprises await at every turn.

Full day family spooky fun for kids and parents
Family, it’s time to put on your most wicked costumes and join Whiskers and Friends for a thrilling celebration at Whiskers Halloween Party! And of course, this year’s Halloween wouldn’t be complete without the Trick or Treat Party presented by ecHome Appliances. Get ready to tackle the mischievous spirits' mini-games and fill your bags with an abundance of delicious candies and giveaway coupons. The long-forgotten Dark Carnival awakens from its slumber, beckoning you to step into the decrepit tent and capture spooky snapshots of the party. Don't forget to immerse yourself in the park-wide decorations and capture those unforgettable spooky moments with your loved ones.

Deliciously spooky eats, sinister sips and haunting souvenirs
Indulge in the incredible Halloween-themed food and beverages scattered throughout the Park including a selection of spooky desserts and the signature Bento Box. Quench your thirst with specially crafted mocktails and cocktails that can recharge and invigorate you before you resume your thrilling journey. Don't forget to grab delightful Halloween souvenirs and enhance your eerie appearance with Halloween face or arm paintings available at the Waterfront.
Experience non-stop Halloween fun with special ticket offers
Get your Halloween All Day Delight Tickets now at just HK$388 for adult and HK$233 for child (excluding designated Halloween Fest attractions). With this ticket, you can upgrade to the Ocean Park Annual Membership at only HK$990 for adult and HK$740 for child/student to unlock unlimited entries to the Park and enjoy exclusive membership benefits and offers^!
For those seeking an extra dose of horror, explore the six terrifying attractions at HK$130 (sold on-site only) for each haunted house, or get the Halloween Combo Tickets and FasTrack for the best experience. AEON Cardholders can enjoy exclusive ticket offers to explore the Halloween Fest.

Special thanks to
Yiu Wing Live, producer and curator of Netherworld and The House of Wraith Puppet II at Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2023
AEON Card, ecHome Appliances and Somersby, attraction sponsors of Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2023
For more information, please visit: https://www.oceanpark.com.hk/en/park-experience/halloween-fest-2023.