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Notification on Temporary Suspension of Hair Raiser


At 1:03pm today, the Hair Raiser rollercoaster was temporarily suspended from operation as its safety system detected a malfunction with the platform sensor, causing a train which had just unloaded guests to remain at the station, and stopped the following train, which was just outside the unloading platform with guests onboard, from entering the platform area.  On-site staff executed standard exiting procedures immediately, as regularly practiced and reviewed for such situations. The first guest left safely through the ride exit stairs to the ground at 1:22pm and the remaining guests left swiftly without reporting any discomfort or illnesses by 1:27pm. 

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) was notified of the incident immediately. The ride was suspended for thorough testing and review, as well as having cleared all of the appropriate tests. It resumed normal operation at 2:45pm.

The safety of our guests is always the top priority of Ocean Park, and the reliability of all rides at Ocean Park is consistently over 99.8%. Ocean Park is a year-round operating theme park and has a total of 22 mechanical rides in operation. All are inspected on a daily basis by a strong team of over 60 certified ride mechanics, and periodical maintenance checks are also conducted on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis to ensure the safety of the mechanical rides. In addition, the rides are subject to annual inspections by ride-surveyors, upon which a detailed report is written and submitted to EMSD. Rehabilitations by the in-house mechanics are also regularly scheduled, with assistance from the manufacturers, when required. In addition, Ocean Park also engages international ride safety consultants every year to review the conditions of all the rides, maintenance and operation practices, and records.