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Ocean Park Hong Kong Redefining Guest Experiences With Advanced Theme Park Operations Management Technology In-house Developed Proprietary System PFlow, the First-Of-Its-Kind for Theme Parks in Asia


Ocean Park is set to offer guests an all-new theme park experience, as it launches its latest round of advanced theme park management technology. PFlow, the first guest flow management tool developed by a local theme Park in Asia, complements the Park’s existing mobile app functions with real-time data and insights, and together, these advanced technologies aim to take guest enjoyment and operations efficiency to new heights. Self-developed by Ocean Park, PFlow has secured the prestigious “GSMA Asia Mobile Awards for the Best Mobile App or Service for Enterprise”, one of the most significant accolades in the mobile industry, which was presented during the Mobile World Congress Shanghai in June 2016.
PFlow is a custom-designed integrated mobile platform that enables timely collection, analysis and dissemination of guest flow and guest mix information. The data empowers Ocean Park’s Operation Management Team to make calculated decisions that can enhance guest experiences, through the proactive management of guest flow, and the identification of opportunities to improve the efficiency and flexibility of operations and manpower management. In addition to precisely managing guest traffic, the guest’s foot traffic map allows Ocean Park to offer guests a more engaging experience by providing them with more relevant, time-and-location specific information, tips, and promotions through the Park’s mobile app.
Mr. Matthias Li, Chief Executive of Ocean Park, said “We take great pride in the fact that our in-house experts developed this ground breaking mobile platform that maximizes park enjoyment and operation efficiency. The innovative, feature-rich PFlow mobile app leverages our existing IT infrastructure to deliver a user-friendly and cost effective solution for managing guest traffic patterns while providing an ever-more pleasant and engaging guest experience, enabling Ocean Park to fulfill our vision of transforming into a next-generation theme park.”
“As a home-grown theme park, it is indeed an honour for Ocean Park to be nominated alongside global corporations for the ‘GSMA Asia Mobile Awards’,” said Mr. Cyrus Wong, Enterprise System Architect of Ocean Park, who initiated and led the development of PFlow.  “We are proud to be the first theme park in Asia to adopt the latest technology to develop a customised guest flow management tool, which marks the beginning of a new era of theme park enjoyment for our guests. PFlow is designed to evolve over time, as we carefully monitor how staff and guests interact with it. PFlow helps us deliver a more immersive and personalized experience to our guests.”
Timothy Ng, Park Operations Director of Ocean Park, said, “Ocean Park’s integrated theme park operations management system is crucial to help us meet guests’ individual needs while creating a more comfortable and interactive experience. For instance, with real-time guest flow data provided by PFlow, we can instantly update the estimated waiting time of a specific attraction on the website, in the mobile app and on the in-Park notification boards, and “bounce” e-coupons and other promotional offers through mobile app to encourage guests to visit other attractions to make the most of their visit.”
Perry Chung, Marketing Director of Ocean Park said, “This summer, we invite Ocean Park guests to take part in all the fun of the annual Ocean Park Summer Splash, which is even more exciting with the wonderful array of prizes that are available through the Ocean Park Mobile App. Guests can simply connect their mobile devices to Ocean Park’s official Wi-Fi network to receive the prize-giveaway notifications and dining coupons. ‘Surprise e-Coupons’ are given out at 11:30am and 1:00pm each event day. The first specified number of guests to hit the ‘Get’ button will win prizes such as a complimentary ticket for joining “Penguin Encounter”, a Halloween Fest Premium Ticket, Ocean FasTrack, and in-park dining and shopping coupons. In total, 800 prizes will be given out each week.”
Ocean Park Mobile App Features at a Glance
  • eScheduler: Guests enter basic information on the day of their visit and the system will automatically schedule their itinerary for specific attractions. Once at the Park, guests can simply follow the pre-defined itinerary, minimalising waiting time and helping to create more enjoyable park experiences. As capacity is limited, this scheduling service is offered on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Smart Tips: Integrating push notifications and geo-location, guests can access information of nearby attractions and performance schedules, so they will never miss the exciting activities at the Park. Guests will also be sent promotional offers and messages from nearby retail shops and restaurants.
  • Park Navigation Service (To be launched around August 2016): Guests can check estimated waiting times, as well as find the most convenient route from their current location to various attractions, allowing them to make the most of their time during each visit. The app also provides the Park’s staff with real-time geographical crowd data for timely crowd management measures, such as distributing coupons to direct guests to other attractions.