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Giant Panda Ying Ying Confirmed to be Not Pregnant


Since end of July, Ying Ying had started displaying some typical pregnancy symptoms including reduced food intake, increased resting time, a swollen vulva, and corresponding hormonal changes, but these symptoms started to diminish in mid-August and eventually disappeared. She has resumed spending more time awake and active, and regained her appetite gradually. Her hormonal levels have also returned to base line levels.  After detailed review and discussion with experts from Wolong’s China Conversation and Research Centre, it was confirmed that Ying Ying is not pregnant. Nevertheless, this is not unexpected as panda pregnancies are filled with unknowns, and pseudo- or false pregnancies are often experienced.
Ocean Park will continue to work closely with experts from Wolong’s China Conversation and Research Centre to provide the best husbandry care to our giant pandas, and look forward to welcoming our first giant panda cub in the future.