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Ocean Park Launches “Gourmet Tour” For Guests To Experience Award-Winning Cuisine


As part of its efforts to make the Ocean Park experience even more unforgettable, the Park is constantly expanding its offerings. This includes building exciting new rides, launching educational and nature conservation-focused animal attractions, immersing guests in a full variety of festive celebrations, and especially expanding its F&B services. The Park’s restaurants are managed by renowned chefs who have won numerous awards at international cooking competitions. Ocean Park recently launched a “Gourmet Tour”, which runs until 16 December and features limited-time menus. Guests can also purchase a special package, Gourmet Tour Delicacies Combo, created for the “Gourmet Tour”, to enjoy a 40% discount on admission and the award-winning dishes on offer.
Ocean Park’s “Gourmet Tour” includes two set menus: the four-course set menu and the six-course tasting menu. The dishes in both menus – featuring the finest ingredients – have won top awards in the F&B industry. These include accolades from the Best of the Best Culinary Awards, organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board and co-organised by The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited, and the Gourmet Master Chefs Gold Award from Gourmet Magazine, the official publication of the Association of Restaurant Managers (ARM). Additional dishes are also available through the à la carte menu at Neptune’s Restaurant, Tuxedos Restaurant, Panda Café, and Café Ocean. Ocean Park fully supports wildlife conservation, and all seafood dishes are made with sustainable seafood.  
“Gourmet Tour” Package – A Mouth-watering and Unforgettably Fun Experience
The four-course set menu is available at Neptune’s Restaurant and Tuxedos Restaurant. Guests begin this exquisite culinary journey with the Abalone with Pomelo Soy Vinaigrette, a sweet and crunchy appetiser that tantalises the taste buds, followed by the Wild Mushroom Consommé with Chicken Roulade. The main course is the Dried Fruit with Pork Roulade and Carbonara Ravioli in Truffle Cream Sauce. Wrapping up this divine meal is the Champagne Mousse with Caramel Apple, which won the 2014 Gourmet Master Chefs Gold Award.
Guests can also enjoy an exclusive 40% discount on admission by purchasing the “Gourmet Tour Delicacies Combo” for just HK$650 (Adult) /HK$350 (Child). This is the ideal option for guests who wish to savour award-winning cuisine and have some fun at the Park’s eighty-plus attractions.
Six-Course Tasting Menu With Wine Pairing
Guests looking for even more luxurious dining experiences can try the six-course tasting menu, which is available at Neptune’s Restaurant. To make this culinary journey even more unforgettable, the Park’s chefs will suggest different wines to accompany each dish. Kicking off this repast is the Abalone with Pomelo Soy Vinaigrette, followed by the Scallop Ravioli with Truffle Cream Sauce. The freshness of the Canadian scallops is heightened by the rich and fragrant truffle cream sauce. After whetting their appetites, guests can move on to the Poach Chilean Sea Bass with Fungus in Rice Broth, a dish that is both visually stunning and simply delicious. The fourth course is the Chicken Trio with Lychee Vinegar, with golden crispy chicken perfectly paired with a sweet and sour sauce, a dish that will pique guests’ appetites. For their mains, guests can enjoy the Contrasting of Prawn and Lobster with Apricot and Almond. The sixth and final course is the Champagne Mousse with Caramel Apple, which ends the meal on a ‘sweet’ note.
Apart from Neptune’s Restaurant and Tuxedos Restaurant, Panda Café and Café Ocean are also offering special dishes for a limited time during the “Gourmet Tour” promotional period. This includes the cute and delectable panda-shaped Deep Fried Pork Croquette with Crispy Rice and Seaweed – created in celebration of Ocean Park’s official ambassador – which won the Silver Award in the Minced Meat Dishes category during the 2015 Best of the Best Culinary Awards organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board and co-organised by The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited.