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Ocean Park Presents Eye-Catching and Mouth-Watering SAW and Attraction-Inspired Dishes for Halloween Fest Create Custom T-shirts with Halloween or SAW-themed Designs to Immerse in Festive Spirit


Celebrating Ocean Park’s 40th anniversary this year, Halloween Fest 2017 presents to guests a full range of dishes that blend terrifying features and terrific tastes together for multi-sensory enjoyment. This year, the Park will manifest the elements from Lionsgate’s SAW, one of the highest-grossing horror franchises of all time, with a SAW-themed set menu that electrifies guests’ appetites, while more Halloween-themed meals inspired by the Park’s unique haunted attractions will spice up guests’ Halloween experience.
To add a personal touch to Halloween and bring home the memorable Halloween experience, the Park’s new collection of fun and spooky merchandise, including customised SAW-themed and Halloween-themed tees, will allow guests to fully immerse themselves in Halloween fun with their friends and family.
Perry Chung, Ocean Park’s Executive Director, Commercial Operations, said, “The Halloween dining options and merchandise, on top of the haunted attractions, will complete the guest experience at Ocean Park Halloween Fest. The eye-catching menus are an incredible mixture of awesome display and taste to cater to guest demand for a different dining experience. For guests who prefer a quick bite, additional offerings from Lakeside Chill and the Park’s food kiosks will quickly fill up their bellies to continue enjoying our Halloween offerings. To complete the Halloween experience, guests can design embroidered Halloween tees for themselves as well as for their beloved plush toys, which they can wear, or share, with their friends to get into the Halloween spirit as they go round the Park.”

SAW-themed Dishes to Astonish Eyeballs and Taste Buds
With the eight SAW installment JIGSAW hitting theaters October 26, Ocean Park has partnered with Lionsgate to bring the terrifying elements of SAW to almost everywhere in the Park, including its restaurants.
Available in Neptune’s Restaurant and Tuxedos Restaurant, guests can enjoy jaw-dropping and fun-filled SAW-themed dishes. The delectable set menu begins with the appetising Poached Shrimp Ravioli with Truffle Cream and Tomato Sauce, which will stimulate guests’ eyesight and appetite by simulating ‘blood’ dripping from a cutter blade that has just pierced through a ‘human brain’. Guests will then see the Jigsaw Killer’s proxy Billy the puppet floating on the red sea of Bell Pepper and Tomato Soup, with intense flavours resulting in every single spoonful. For their mains, guests can choose from Seafood Risotto Stuffed in Pimento with Tomato and Pumpkin Puree, Baked Sea Bass Parcel with Lemon and Thyme, served with Chardonnay Sauce, or Braised Ox-tail with Red Wine Sauce. Guests will be dared to inject the pumpkin puree into the seafood risotto, which resembles human organs, to stimulate and then feel its beating ‘pulse’, as well as enjoy its rich tastes in their mouth. The baked sea bass parcel, imprinted with Billy’s face and his devilish grin, will entertain guests by allowing them to crack open Billy’s skull to reach the delicious sea bass beneath. Otherwise, guests can choose the succulent braised ox-tail. Bringing a perfect end to the meal, the Coconut with Charcoal Chocolate Mousse, in the shape of a cassette tape which Jigsaw uses to drop hints, will have guests recalling the movie’s tag line, “Do you want to play a game?”, before they indulge themselves in the creamy dessert.
Guests will find that elements of SAW are reflected in products served at other restaurants and food kiosks in the Park. Those looking for more thrills should not miss the SAW special drink – Lemon Freeze Topped with Raspberries and Blueberries, which will be available at Lakeside Chill Bar. Meanwhile, Aqua City Bakery’s White Chocolate with Raspberries Mousse Cake will show another creepy face of Billy. Clown Corner at Thrill Mountain will also serve à la carte snacks in striking SAW-themed boxes. Moreover, guests should watch out for food carts offering Blue Curacao Sparkling water with Strawberry Long Rope Sugar, which imitates the chopped limbs and blood streaks in the scenes of SAW.
Unearthly Dishes at Alchemy CO for Hungry Souls
This year, Café Ocean turns into ‘Alchemy CO’ to cook up eerie dishes for hungry guests. Inspired by scary elements from Halloween Fest 2017’s haunted attractions, this Halloween-themed menu will crossover sorcery with alchemy and transform guests into powerful ones who turn food into nasty and delicious surprises.
Kicking off the Halloween set menu at Alchemy CO is Guillotine of the Dead. The huge Australian tiger prawns are presented as dismembered body parts fresh from Alley of the Dead and frozen in seafood jelly, so guests can start polishing their alchemist skills. Next up, the Alchemist’s Elixir is served in a chilled bottle to imitate the bloody-red magic potion that will serve as guests’ energy drink. For the next dish, the ‘zombie hand’ inspired by Buried Alive will break out from the Forbidden Graveyard - Fried Rice with Abalone and Diced Chicken Accompanied with Conpoy and Seasonal Vegetable. Last but not least, the Alchemy Circle resents the four elements of alchemy – Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Strawberry and Mango in form of mini mousse dessert, complemented with a fog effect using dry ice to recreate the scene of Rise of the Ancient Evil, will complete the magical pleasure of the feast.
For young guests, Alchemy CO’s spooky and fun Halloween kid’s menu is set to make them scream with laughter. They can feast on Cream of Pumpkin Soup, topped with a cute black olive ‘spider’, and Spaghetti with Shrimp and Olive in Tomato Sauce Served with Smiley Potato Rings, also served with a special Ocean Park-edition Kraft Heinz Mini Ketchup. Putting a smile on the young thrill seekers’ faces, the Butter Cake with Charcoal Cookies Accompanied with Kraft Marshmallow Crème is the perfect sweet finish. This kid’s menu is also available in Neptune’s Restaurant and Tuxedos Restaurant.
More Delicacies to Help Guests Enjoy the Halloween Fun
Besides the tasty set menus, Café Ocean has prepared a Halloween special drink Blood of the Hell for guests to pour strawberry puree into a mint syrup and Sprite mix to watch the ‘blood streaks’ drift in this hellish drink. An additional drink served at Lakeside Chill Bar is HW102017 Vaccine Beverage to help guests quench their thirst. Available in all food kiosks, an excellent eating on-the-go option is the Roasted Pork Knuckle, prepared especially for Halloween Fest and served in bite-size portions. Guests can munch on the ultra-crispy pieces and have their nerves soothed thanks to the pork knuckle’s secret recipe. Other snack options at the Park’s food kiosk include Japanese Style Teriyaki Chicken with Cheese Burger, fulfilling guests with its lip smacking sauce and gooey cheese, and the Brain Shaped Egg Agar which provides yet another gross delight for guests with a sweet tooth.
Guests who are joining the Halloween Fest SkeleFun VIP Tour can enjoy exclusive refreshments at Lakeside Chill. The Seafood Snack Platter in Ferris Wheel, which is comprised of spring rolls, grilled seafood and more, will fill up guests of two as they sip from the two glasses of Blood of the Hell that come with the VIP package. For Halloween Fest premium ticket holders, they can also enjoy the Cursed Brew in the VIP room at Café Ocean, which is served as part of the PHOBIA Experience. Despite this exclusive drink’s unsettling colour, guests will be energised by this smooth and sugary drink to carry on with their PHOBIA Experience and test the limits of their fear.
Adorable and Unique Halloween Merchandise for Guests to Bring Home
Guests looking to bring home their thrilling Halloween memories at Ocean Park can seek out the spooky but cute plush toys from the Park’s game booths, such as the Chinese vampires, paper umbrella monsters and the adorable purple bats. The range of Halloween merchandise items would not be complete without Halloween lanterns, pumpkin bubble wands and light-up accessories for guests to boost their Halloween look while in the Park. To further get into the spirit of things, the Chainsaw and SAW-themed tees for horror lovers will spice up the excitement level for guests as they go around the Park in their tees. For a more personalised gift, guests and their friends can design their own Halloween tees with SAW graphics and print their names onto the tees. They can even create customised embroidered tees for their plush toys.
Visit http://halloween.oceanpark.com.hk for more details.
* Selected menus / dishes may be subject to a 10% service charge.
* All Halloween Fest set menus, special drinks and themed items will only be available on the following event dates during Halloween Fest. From 15 September to 31 October: 15-17, 22-24, 29-30 September, and 1-2 October (corporate chartered events); 5-8, 13-15, 19-22, 26-29, 31 October (open to the general public).