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Ocean Park Celebrates Two-toed Sloth and Red Pandas’ Birthday with Birthday Week Promotion for Hong Kong Residents Born in June


Ocean Park today celebrated the upcoming birthdays of Sonic, the Park’s two-toed sloth baby, and red pandas Cong Cong and Tai Shan, who were all born in June. Their animal caretakers presented each of them with a specially-crafted birthday cake, wishing that they continue to grow up happy and healthy. In celebration of this special occasion, the Park is offering Hong Kong residents born in June a free visit to the Park on any one day during their birthday week, and a special discount for both birthday guests and senior citizens aged 65 or above when purchasing admission tickets for their accompanying friends and families so that everyone can spend a one-of-a-kind celebration with the three animal ambassadors.
To celebrate the upcoming three-year-old birthday of Sonic who was born on 9 June, his caretakers have gifted him with a two-tier birthday cake decked with his favourite fruits and vegetables, such as sweet potato leaves and corns. Currently weighing 8.5 kg, the baby sloth is active and adventurous despite living a lethargic lifestyle. He is very curious about his surrounding environment and loves staying close to his dear caretakers. Guests are welcome to meet Sonic up-close during the “Animal Fun Talk” session at the Park’s Whiskers Harbour.
Soon to turn ten, red pandas Cong Cong and Tai Shan are also fruit lovers. Using iced fruits, their caretakers have pieced together a colourful birthday cake for them to enjoy. Both born in Chengdu with a birth date just four days apart on 11 and 14 June respectively, Cong Cong and Tai Shan share the same fondness for apple and honey pear, and enjoy climbing around trees. Cong Cong has a broad face and is a quick and extremely clever learner with a strong sense of curiosity. Tai Shan, on the other hand, is characterised by a relatively long mouth and is vigilant. Guests who want to send them birthday wishes can visit the Park’s Amazing Asian Animals.
With the animal ambassadors’ birthdays just around the corner, Ocean Park invites guests to celebrate their birthday together by offering the opportunity for Hong Kong residents born in June to visit the Park for free on any one day during their birthday week. Guests can simply present a valid Hong Kong identity card to enjoy free admission to the Park within seven days starting from their birthday (e.g. a guest with their birthday on 1 June can enjoy a one-time free admission from 1-7 June), and along with senior citizens aged 65 or above, enjoy a 30% discount on same-day purchase of up to four admission tickets for accompanying family and friends, so that everyone can spend a fun-filled day together at the Park. Moreover, birthday boys and girls can receive an instant HK$100 discount upon spending HK$300 or above at any one of the Park’s restaurants, and enjoy 15% discount when spending HK$500 or above at any one souvenir shop. All senior citizens aged 65 or above will also receive a set of coupons offering a host of shop, eat and play discounts for them at the Park.