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Ocean Park’s Biggest-Ever ‘Summer Carnimal’ Bringing Summertime Gastronomy Designed by Michelin-Starred Chef and Chilled Caribbean Food and Drink Extravaganza


Ocean Park is presenting exquisite summertime Chinese menu designed by Michelin-starred chef Chan Kwok-keung, as well as over 100 exotic Caribbean food and drink specialities as part of a brand new ‘Summer Carnimal’ celebration elevating its award-winning theme park experience from 30 June to 2 September.
Headlining ‘Summer Carnimal’ fine dining is renowned Chef Chan Kwok-keung’s ‘Summer Tasting Menu’ showcasing his extraordinary mastery of regional Chinese cuisines at Neptune's Restaurant. The gastronomic fiesta continues a tradition of crafting dazzling new dishes from fresh seasonal ingredients, with a sumptuous 6 or 8-course dinner (HK$528 / HK$728 per person) and a 4-course lunch menu (HK$388 per person).
The dinner is an exquisite feast for the senses, starting with a traditional Shanghai dish - Crispy Bean Curd Sheets with Honey Glazed Xuanwei Ham, a perfect combination of sweet, savory and crispy, made from prized ham from Qujing in Yunnan; followed by Braised Stuffed Canadian Sea Cucumber with Quinoa Sauce, transformed with prawn stuffing, and ‘superfood’ quinoa sauce bringing a distinctive gourmet experience.
Double-boiled Yunnan Ham and Teal Consommé with Winter Melon is the perfect kick on a hot summer day.  The luxurious soup is slow-cooked for 4 hours for a rich broth with velvety cubes of winter melon.
Creative dishes with sustainable seafood sourced from around the world are headlined by Australian Lobster in Mixed Onions and Lime Sauce, making it sweet and citrusy; and Alaskan Crab Meat with Chilled Soba Noodles in Soup, a fabulous Japanese-Korean fusion dish, with the sweet and delicate taste of Alaskan crab matching perfectly with soba’s al dente texture. To enhance the experience, diners can also enjoy Chef Chan’s award-winning dish at the Chinese Cuisine World Championship 2015 - Crispy Scallops with Fresh Pear and Shrimp Paste. Pairing crispy scallops and the pungent fragrance of shrimp paste with summery fresh pear creates an elegantly surprising seafood encounter.
Meat lovers may opt for the Wok-Fried Kagoshima Wagyu Beef Cubes with Termite Mushroom Sauce, using premium, handpicked Kagoshima Wagyu, accompanied by nutritious course of Bamboo Piths with Vegetable Shoots.
The finale of Chef Chan’s seasonal tasting extravaganza is a uniquely-creative molecular-gastronomy dessert of Pearl Barley Sweet Soup with Snow Gum and the edible, gelatinous ‘health miracle’ algae nostoc.
Other recommended a la carte options include the not-to-be-missed Diced Pork on Salted Egg Yolk Sizzling Rice, another award-winning creation of Neptune’s Restaurant at the Hong Kong Young Chefs Culinary Competition 2018, featuring Hong Kong style Spicy Chilli Stir-fry Sauce, and salted egg yolk flavoured crispy rice; and melt-in-the-mouth Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek and Pear in Red Wine.
International summer delicacies are meanwhile available at Tuxedos Restaurant.  A 4-course set menu starts with Roasted Minced Salmon and Watermelon Salad, followed by Tomato Gazpacho with Grilled Shrimp Skewer (HK$388 per person). A choice of main courses are Pan-fried Iberico Pork Rack with Earl Grey Figs and Pineapple Mint Salsa; Roasted Chicken Breast with Black Truffle Gravy and Raspberries Puree; or Pan-fried Tiger Prawn with Pomelo and Peach Salad.  Dessert is Tropical Fruits on Puff Pastry with Vanilla Ice-Cream.
At Lakeside Chill food kiosks, guests can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere to sit back, unwind and take a refreshing break from their adventures. With a beautiful view of the Aqua City Lagoon, it offers a wide choice of food, with something to please everyone. 
New summer specialities introduced include Crispy Pork Knuckle, Roasted Lamb Leg, Doner Roll - Beef or Chicken, Chicken Burger in Jamaican Style, Spicy Mayo Shrimp Burger, Grilled Tiger Prawn, Grilled Cobia Fish Fillet, Grilled Beef Tenderloin and Roasted Chicken in Jamaican Style.
To beat the summer heat, an array of refreshing cool drinks in visually stunning presentations are also introduced at Lakeside Chill Bar and The Terrace Café, including cocktail Snow Ball (HK$98) with Advocaat, Lime Juice and Sprite (exclusively available at Lakeside Chill Bar), cocktail Rum Punch (HK$108) and mocktail Rising Sun (HK$88).
Aqua City Bakery features Summer Carnimal-themed desserts such as Mousse Cups in different flavours, Assorted Éclairs, along with refreshing summer flavours such as Lychee, Strawberry, Peach and Kiwi Fruit, new mini Whiskers Mousse Cakes, and Whiskers and Friends Chocolate Cookies.
Guests can get into the festive spirit with animal-themed hats, boppers, tie-dyed animal t-shirts, fashion sandals and lighting lanyards. Through interacting with the artists at “Wild Face Painting Station”, guests can even get a tailor-made face painting design for creating a one-of-a-kind summer carnival ambience! Upon single purchase of HK$500 at any souvenir shops, image galleries, restaurants and kiosks at the Park, guests will enjoy a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offer on face painting and tattoo sticker services.
The summer fiesta from 30 June to 2 September 2018 is launched with an animal-themed grand parade of costumed performers, giant animal puppets, a vivid Caribbean cultural show, dynamic drum performances and synchronised swimming. Over a hundred international level elite performers from all over the world will present the biggest ever carnival at Ocean Park!