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Two Animal Ambassador Babies Celebrate Halloween Fest for the First Time at Ocean Park


The 15th anniversary of Ocean Park Halloween Fest is in full-swing and even the Park’s animal ambassadors don’t miss out with tasty and novel celebration enrichment items. The Halloween-themed treats are specially prepared by their animal caretakers and can be safely eaten, played with or simply rested upon when feeling sleepy. Joining this year’s Halloween Fest celebration for the first time were two recently-born additions to the Ocean Park family, including the first locally born red-necked wallaby and a two-toed sloth. Both babies are well growing up quickly under the close care of their mothers, and can be regularly seen by guests who visit their homes at the Park.

The red-necked wallabies living at Adventures in Australia are natural-born jumpers. Upon seeing the Halloween treats made especially for them, they excitedly hopped up for a closer look and licked playfully at the carved pumpkins. The young joey, noticing the sudden commotion, curiously followed and sniffed at the strange-looking new friend. Due to its genetically-acquired albinism, the joey boasts a thick coat of snowy white fur, and looked exceptionally dazzling next to the bright orange pumpkin. At the Rainforest, the baby sloth cuddled up within its mother’s arms while lazily exploring the mini pumpkin prepared by caretakers. Next door at the capybaras’ den, the world’s largest rodents made a comical contrast to the smiling pumpkin with their serious faces. A crew of arctic foxes at the Arctic Fox Den also circled excitedly around a snow-covered pumpkin carved out with heart-shaped eyes.

Four more event days remain before the Ocean Park Halloween Fest adjourns with a final finale on 1 November. If you have not had a chance yet to experience this year’s festivities, come now for a day of fun as you celebrate Halloween with our animal ambassadors from day to night. With “10 unique experiences at 8 haunted attractions”, guests can visit an array of offerings, including a solo journey at the H15 presented by Yahoo! Hong Kong, Blue Girl Beer Presents: The Walking Dead: Survival which was themed on the FOX Channel’s popular TV drama series The Walking Dead, and the 15 Years of Horror presented by Modern Education which brings back iconic scenes from haunted attractions over the last 14 years. Doraemon and his 5 friends will also greet and take photos with guests while donned in Halloween looks for the first time at the Doraemon@The Halloween Movies Studio. At Hong Kong’s longest trick-or-treat walk-through experience, Trick or Treat Pumpkin Trail, guests are showered with an unlimited supply of candies and souvenirs. A number of specially prepared Halloween shows throughout the Park will also keep guests on their toes as they tour around the attractions.