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Ocean Park Christmas Sensation HO HO HO 2018 Presents Hong Kong's Largest-Ever Series of McDull-themed Christmas Food and Beverages


This Christmas, Ocean Park has collaborated with Hong Kong’s iconic cartoon character McDull for the first time to bring the largest scale of McDull-themed Christmas feast to the town! He will be making special appearances in the Park while bringing lots of delicious surprises along the way! From 8 December 2018 to 1 January 2019, visitors to Ocean Park Christmas Sensation HO HO HO will truly experience the fun of the holidays through limited edition of McDull-themed menus. McDull and his cutest friends will be appearing amidst over 30 selections of delicious festive goodies, varying from western delights to intricately-made Japanese bento box, local Hong Kong street food and an array of colourful desserts. Paired with a lavish Christmas buffet, this event will definitely be a warm and tasty experience for all!
McDull & Friends Christmas Feast 
McDull and his best friends have dived into Tuxedos Restaurant’s Winter Wonderland to join visitors at the ‘McDull & Friends Christmas Feast‘ to celebrate this joyful holiday. With their cute and attractive presence and the tasty fun goodies on the menu, even McDull cannot help but say everything is amazingly delicious!
  • Appetizer: To start, ‘McDull Snowman‘ is presented to warmly welcome everyone’s arrival. Hiding among the potato salad snowball, McDull sits on layers of freshly prepared Norwegian smoked salmon giving the perfect place for a game of hide and seek! Every appetizer uses only sustainable seafood to remind us to protect the ocean as a valuable natural resource.
  • Soup: ‘Fai in the Sea‘ swims freely in a sea of green pea soup with smoked turkey by his side. The subtle flavor and aroma of smoked turkey fills the air with a festive spirit.
  • Main Course: A choice between two options: ‘The Sled Journey with McDull’ boasts a charmingly interesting visual presentation, McDull as Santa Claus appears on a sled of Beef Wellington led by two potato croquette reindeers sliding their way across the plate creating a hearty appetite for all. ‘Chun Tian Hua Hua Pineapple Bun’ will be a must-order for all McDull fans as it uses the legendary giant pineapple bun to house the braised chicken with tomato. To add the finishing touch, this dish is topped with a soft, creamy spinach potato purée Christmas tree with seasonal vegetables as ornaments to create a holiday atmosphere.  
  • Dessert: The finale for this Christmas feast is presented with ‘Sweet Heart McDull’. McDull reappears again wearing a crown of seasonal fruits accompanied with butter cookies and a strawberry mousse snout. ‘McDull Christmas Special Drink’, Strawberry milkshake, finishes this festive feast and makes it an unforgettable joyful experience for both children and adults alike.
If you are looking to have more holiday fun at Ocean Park, you are invited to Club Panda to enjoy the carefully prepared ‘McDull Christmas Bento Box‘ or drop-in between 3:00pm to 5:00pm to savour ‘Snack Combo of McDull and Madam Mak‘ while taking keepsake photos with these delicious McDull treats and also capturing these special moments with your loved ones.
Chun Tian Hua Hua Kindergarten A La Carte
Christmas is not Christmas without a taste of something sweet, Aqua City Bakery is also presenting a variety of beautiful McDull desserts, like ‘McDull Christmas Marshmallow Custard Cream Cone’ that includes mango, kiwi and strawberry flavours to choose from. Each cone is topped with chocolate illustrated with McMug and his friends. Along with these desserts, there is the fresh smell of the bakery with the ‘McDull Hot Cake with Fresh Fruits’ alongside three other dessert cups that visitors can eat as they go. Do not miss the cake series ‘McDull Strawberry Mousse Cake’, ’Goosie Christmas Dark Chocolate Log Cake’ and ‘McDull and His Christmas Tree Green Apple Mousse Cake’.
McDull’s footprints will be all over Ocean Park! Making connections with his Hong Kong roots that are native to the local culture, Old Hong Kong will have many McDull-themed old-time favorites like ‘McDull & Friends Yummy Snacks Box’ that includes super-sized pork balls, super-sized beef balls, turnip and pork skin with spicy sauce to bring back unlimited memories of the past for both children and adults alike. Join McDull and his friends from Chun Tian Hua Hua Kindergarten to quickly welcome in the spirit of a jolly Christmas!
A Decadent Christmas Buffet Dinner with over 35 dishes

Besides having McDull and his friends to celebrate the holidays, enjoying a decadent Christmas Buffet dinner is also a favorite pastime of Hong Kong people. Club Panda will prepare a Christmas buffet dinner close to the holiday season (December 22 to 26th and December 29th to 31st) to provide a Christmas selection of over 35 seasonable delicacies, with the main culinary theme being sustainable seafood. Highly recommended are the New Zealand mussels, Canadian jade whelks and Alaskan crab legs piled up to create a superb seafood platter along with freshly prepared baked lobster and Teriyaki Salmon Fillet. Aside from all these delicious specialties, some other recommendations on the limited edition menu are the assorted Christmas fruit butter bread, Christmas log cake and Christmas cookies decorated with Ocean Park’s most beloved mascots Whiskers and Friends to bring happiness to all!
A 10%-off early bird discount is now on offer to any advanced booking of Christmas Buffet dinner on or before 7 December, while SmartFun members can enjoy an extra 5% discount for early bird reservation.