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Celebrate a One-of-a-kind Warm and Romantic Festive Season in Hong Kong-style with McDull at Ocean Park Christmas Sensation


Featuring Hong Kong’s first-ever McDull-themed music theatre show, a gigantic interactive Christmas tree to show off your love, and celebration scenes of nostalgic Hong Kong

Ocean Park Christmas Sensation will be held from 15 December 2018 to 1 January 2019, offering guests a one-of-a-kind warm, romantic Christmas in Hong Kong-style. For the first time ever, the Park is collaborating with Hong Kong’s favourite local cartoon character McDull to present the city’s first McDull-themed music theatre show “McDull Fishball On The Run”. Meanwhile, new interactive elements have been added to the Park’s iconic 40-foot tall Christmas tree to display guests’ sweet memories; and Michelin-recommended famous local eateries are setting foot in Old Hong Kong together with the black-and-white amah, the legendary heroine Black Rose, The Chopsticks and other retro characters, to recreate scenes of festive celebrations gone by. As a result, guests and their loved ones will feel like they have travelled back in time to spend an unforgettable nostalgic Hong Kong Christmas together.
Ocean Park Stages Hong Kong’s First McDull-themed Music Theatre Show
Ocean Park invites McDull and his mum, Mrs Mak, to stage the first-ever McDull-themed music theatre show in Hong Kong, “McDull Fishball On The Run”, at Applause Pavilion. The show features a fishball and his food ingredient friends who aspire to become gourmet dishes. Unfortunately, they fall into the hands of McDull and Mrs Mak, who don’t know how to cook. During their escape, they are touched by how mother and son demonstrate their care for each other through food. Featuring plenty of songs and dances, Hong Kong-style humour, touching moments and actress Sandra Ng Kwan-yue’s playful voice acting for Mrs Mak, the show will be a big hit among family guests. During the event period, guests can take photos with the loveable characters at the “McDull and McMug Meet & Greet” at Old Hong Kong, and catch the limited time offer McDull-themed delicacies and limited-edition merchandise.
Matthias Li, Chief Executive of Ocean Park, said, “Ocean Park has always sought to collaborate with different brands to create more innovative and delightful festive experiences for guests. As Hong Kong’s home-grown theme park, we are excited to partner with McDull so that this first-ever collaboration of the two ‘Made in Hong Kong’ brands can help create warm and joyful Christmas memories for kids and adults alike.”
Alice Mak, creator of McDull, said, “McDull has grown up with the people of Hong Kong and is part of their happy childhood memories. Our production team is delighted by this collaboration and look forward to McDull stepping into Ocean Park to celebrate Christmas with guests and creating more fun memories with them. We hope to spread laughter and warmth to everyone this winter!”
A Gigantic Christmas Tree Perfect for Couples and Other Park-wide Romantic Attractions
As winter romance and interactive technology have previously been well-received by guests, this year the Park is adding new elements to the 40-foot tall “Sparkling Interactive Christmas Tree presented by HiPP”. Ribbon-like LED panels will swirl around the tree and guests can upload photos of their happy moments with friends and families to their Instagram account with the #opxmas2018 hashtag, or through a mini site accessible by scanning a QR code on-site with their smartphones or WeChat app. Photos that are uploaded successfully will appear on the tree’s LED ribbon, and photos uploaded on Instagram will automatically be entered into the Park’s “Warmest Moment at Christmas Sensation” Instagram contest for a chance to win a round-trip air ticket voucher for two to Nagasaki, Chiang Rai or Da Nang from HK Express (prize value is worth HK$8,000-13,000).
Locally-renowned Eateries and Retro Characters Debut in Old Hong Kong to Recreate Nostalgic Festive Scenes
Locally-renowned eateries are now open at Old Hong Kong to offer a wide range of delectable classic Hong Kong street food. Signature items include the most authentic egg puffs from Mammy Pancake, a Michelin-recommended street food eatery for three consecutive years; dan dan noodles, a spicy Sichuan noodle dish from the 70-year-old Sichuan restaurant Wing Lai Yuen, also a Michelin-recommended restaurant; steamed milk pudding from Cross Café made with “Trappist” dairy products, from a local dairy with a heritage of over 50 years; and the ever-popular Hong Kong-style milk tea from the well-known local brand KamCha. Also making their special appearances at Old Hong Kong will be a group of retro characters, including the black-and-white amah, the legendary heroine Black Rose, and singing duo The Chopsticks, who will interact with and take guests back to the golden days on the streets of Hong Kong to experience a nostalgic yet festive vibe.
Mr Li continued, “We have always been committed to inheriting the spirit of Hong Kong here at Ocean Park, especially with our attraction Old Hong Kong, which is why we are introducing more classic brands and eateries to it. As we attract more tourists to come and experience the Park with the completion of the new Ocean Park Marriott Hotel, we hope that we can ‘spice’ up Christmas for both locals and tourists to have a taste of Hong Kong’s past flavours.”
For guests who are into traditional festive activities, they can visit “Santa’s Sparkling Wonderland” and the “Snowy Christmas Trail” with artificial snow. These attractions are also not to be missed photo spots for families and young couples during Christmas Sensation. There will also be Christmas carolers at the “Angelic Voices Stage”, a ballerina’s live sculpture performance called “Enchanted Christmas Ballerina” and the “Christmas Wonders Parade” with juggling and jumping stilt stunts and dances to immerse guests in a joyful festive atmosphere. At Whiskers Harbour’s “Whiskers Make-A-Wish Tag Workshop”, kids can create their own Whisker-shaped Christmas card with a personalised message for their family and friends.
Special Holiday Offers in December:  35% discount on SmartFun Annual Passes or Annual Gift Vouchers
From now until 31 December 2018, guests can enjoy a 35% discount upon purchase of three (or more) SmartFun Annual Passes or Annual Gift Vouchers at Ocean Park’s official website or by mail. For more details, please refer to Ocean Park website (www.oceanpark.com.hk).